Razer Streaming Controller has more dials, buttons and customizing options to lure content creators

Streamers and gamers who already have the Elgato Stream Deck on their buying checklist – don’t jump the gun yet. Razer is all set to rival the preferred option with its own streaming deck gadget that comes with more features at competitive pricing.

Razer worked in tandem with Loupedeck (who have their own streaming deck – Loupedeck Live) to create a new product for the booming market. A clear sign they want to have a big bite of the pie. The Razer Stream Controller with more knobs and buttons for expanded possibilities of use seems like a good prospect. The San-Diego-based company has been slowly inching towards the streaming end of market with previous releases, and now this accessory further expands the horizon.

Designer: Razer

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Managing game streaming or live TV broadcast solo isn’t easy – this is where such streaming accessories come in handy. They simplify the task for the streamer, sitting in front of the PC while engrossed in-game action or broadcasting live. The multi-button device not only comes in handy for game streaming content creation, but also for editing videos or playing music. The Razer Stream Controller comes with 12 haptic switchable LCD touchscreen keys, eight physical buttons, and six analog dials – three on each side. Everything right from adjusting the lighting, adjusting the volumes or audio mixing can be fully customized with the compatible Loupedeck software for Windows and MacOS platforms.

The dials are what make the Stream Controller different from the Stream Deck which apparently has a big LCD screen with customizable tactile buttons. These dials on the Razer’s offering can be employed to adjust the volume levels for the mic, playing music, or something else. Swipe gestures can also be used to access more keys hidden from the homescreen view. For creators looking to go beyond just game streaming, there are native plugins designed for apps like Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects or Photoshop. User can also control Spotify or smart home devices such as Philips Hue lights from the Stream Controller.

The streaming accessory has an automatic profile switching feature that toggles the profile depending on the active application being used. For instance, if Photoshop is opened, the Stream Controller displays shortcuts and quick access to tools. When the switch back to broadcast software happens, the Twitch stream controls pop-up again.

For sure Razer’s offering is better than the $200 Stream Deck when it comes to features, but can it dethrone the market leader for $270 with an untainted user experience? Only time will tell, since it is slated to land come later this Fall.