Zen-inspired salt air diffuser helps clear your respiratory pathways and boosts immunity

There is, they say, a benefit to having salt in your air. It helps with building a healthy mucous layer on the inside of your airways, which then traps dust, toxins, germs, even viruses. Moreover, breathing in salt air just naturally calms the body – it’s why we feel relaxed after spending a day at the beach. Salty air is anti-microbial, helps beat allergies, and helps increase your body’s immunity. However, the prospect of salt breathing indoors isn’t quite high unless you live on the coast. Handheld salt inhalers help solve this problem, but they’re irritating to use, and aren’t as effective as just breathing salty air around you. The Salt Stone helps disperse salt into your air, making it like the air you breathe at the beach.

Designers: Jason Lundy, Carlos Lamarche & Sara Arnell

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The idea for the Salt Stone device came to co-creators Jason Lundy, Carlos Lamarche, and Sara Arnell, three city-dwellers who wanted to address the overall air quality problem. They quickly realized that existing solutions for salt breathing don’t quite deliver in all departments. Larger salt breathing devices need to be plugged into, and smaller salt nasal sprays just give you a single burst of salt air, instead of a continuous supply. Moreover, while humidifiers claim to do the trick, they don’t actually put salt into the air, just water. Realizing there was a need that wasn’t being met properly by the ‘ideal product’, Jason, Carlos, and Sara decided to build it. The result was Salt Stone, a unique, sculptural appliance designed to look like a stack of Japanese Zen Stones, lending an undeniable elegance to the overall product.

Breathe Better with Dry Salt Therapy – The centuries-old practice of Halotherapy, or dry salt therapy, is the process of breathing in microscopic salt particles to naturally cleanse deep inside your lungs and airways. It is often recommended by doctors, wellness practitioners and athletic coaches.

Dry Salt Therapy at Home – Salt Stone uses a micro version of professional salt room technology to aerolize dry salt air into your lungs, right in the comfort of your home.

Designed to look less like an ‘appliance’ and more like health-focused decor, the Salt Stone device opts for an aesthetic that you’d love to keep anywhere around the house instead of hiding away in your bathroom cabinet. Underneath its zen-inspired minimalistic exterior, however, lies the Salt Stone’s salt diffusing technology, which grinds salt down to its smallest particulate level, before aerolyzing into the air you breathe.

Using the Salt Stone is as easy as switching it on and choosing from 3 different settings – 5 minutes (high salt concentration), 10 minutes (medium salt concentration), and finally 15 minutes (low salt concentration). Just keep the device 3 feet away from your face, switch it on, and breathe the salt air. The Salt Stone also comes with a built-in battery that lasts 10 hours on a full charge. You can use the Salt Stone while sleeping, working, meditating, etc. Each Salt Stone ships along with one month’s supply of salt packets, a salt funnel to load the salt into the device, and a cleaning brush to help maintain your Salt Stone.

Click Here to Buy Now: $199 $379 (47% off). Hurry, exclusive limited offer for YD readers only! Only 20 left.