Modular couch brings comfort, calm to waiting spaces

Modular furniture is pretty important for people who would like to add a bit of personalization to their area. It lets you choose the different kinds of designs that you’d like to have for your waiting area, living room, or public space without necessarily having to build something yourself or from scratch. Having something that can fit your needs or wants, even if it’s just furniture, is useful in creating the perfect space whether it’s for personal use or for business use.

Designer: Sander Mulder

The Hunebed is on such modular solution that can be perfect for public waiting areas like airpots, hospitals, hotels, offices, or even your own home if you have a lot of space and you do a lot of entertaining. It is a couch where the elements can be stacked and rotated according to your need and preference. The fixtures are actually “stones” that you can combine and assemble in various designs that are both aesthetic and functional.

These elements are made from “warm” wood and use a foam frame as well as steel connections. They are minimalist in design individually but when put together, they can add a bit of character to your space. There are different colors available as per their release but the renders show different shades of gray and white only. You can add the stones to pivot points and since these are rotating, you can get 360-degree freedom of motion. You can use them as armrests, back rests, or even privacy screens.

If you want the couch to be even more functional, you can also add electrification solutions like a USB charging point or a main power socket. The horizontal stones can also be used as planters so you can add a bit of green to the space, which is always calming to the eyes and to the soul. So for those using the couch as a waiting area, the Hunebed will not be uncomfortable or anxiety-inducing but rather a place to relax and even recharge (sometimes, literally).