Ergonomic chair support design will help correct your posture

As you get older, you wake up with all kinds of aches and pains even if you’re not that active. Actually, if you live a mostly sedentary lifestyle, that’s when you feel a lot of joint and back pains, mostly because you’re sitting in front of a computer most of the time. As someone that lives like that and has bad posture, I know it’s time to find an ergonomic chair or solution to help my poor back and neck. There are a lot of products out there although the comfort and convenience (not to mention the price tag) can sometimes be a hindrance.

Designers: Wonjun Wo, 임 호, Geun Hyuk Yoo

The Curble Chair concept is a legless chair that can help users with bad posture be able to sit properly and therefore probably help lessen their back pain by correcting pelvic torsion. It’s actually something that you can place on top of your existing chair so it can help correct the posture of your lumbar and lower back while you’re working at a desk or sitting on a chair for a long time. It’s a high elastic support chair with an ergonomic design that looks pretty comfortable.

Their initial design wasn’t as perfect as they wanted it to be so after testing it out with customers, they were able to adjust things like the size, the comfort level, and added some other special features. They used 3D printed prototypes to actually test the legless chair. They made it a bit bigger probably to make it more comfortable whatever chair you’re putting it on top of. They also added a wave rib to support the weight of those using it.

The chair support also has two high elastic support to make it more flexible and more comfortable even as the product supports your back. The cushion itself can be removed for cleaning especially since you’ll probably be using it a lot and there might be some sweat, snack crumbs, and dust trapped in it after a time. I’m still not sure about the comfort level of this contraption but the priority is of course your posture so it may not always be that comfortable. That may be a small price to pay if I will get lesser back pain every morning or right before I sleep.