Folding chair concept uses nylon strap to lift and fold

As someone who admittedly spends a lot of time sitting on various kinds of chairs, folding chairs aren’t my favorite kind. Most of what I’ve seen and used aren’t that sturdy or comfortable. Even storing them is often a hassle and sometimes can cause minor accidents. Of course they’re still pretty useful especially when you need something portable and easy to store but needless to say, there are a lot of improvements that you can still make to this kind of product.

Designer: ( acasso ) Inc.

The Tekron concept for a folding chair tried to use “an unconventional structure” when coming up with a product design. It comes from a desire to improve not just the chair itself but also the user experience particularly when it comes to folding and storing it. They improved on the style and the mechanism involved while still maintaining the minimalist and industrial look of the usual folding chairs. Metal is still the ideal material overall so they experimented on the other things.

They used nylon straps and military-grade metal buckle for the folding and storing contraption. The “belt” actually looks like the airplane seatbelts or even the fashion accessory ones but this time around, the purpose is for the folding chairs. You have to tighten the strap from behind in order to fully fold the chair and make it as flat as possible if you don’t need to use it. It will not unfold unless you release the buckle so there will be no accidental unfolding like with normal folding chairs.

The Tekron chair itself is made from aluminum and can be folded and unfolded numerous times as it is lightweight and durable. The body is industrial in color and style but you get a pop of color from the lifting straps. The product renders show red and green colored straps and it provides a nice little design accent in what is otherwise a metallic, industrial design.