The CareVision is like a Nest Video Doorbell you can carry around with you

I don’t mean to get too philosophical here but cameras are essentially eyes. They capture whatever they’re looking at, and the subject in front of the camera helps determine the camera’s role. Sounds confusing? Well, the camera plays the role of an artist if it’s capturing landscapes or portraits. It plays the role of a security guard if it’s mounted on the ceiling of a bank or a supermarket, and of a nanny or babysitter if it’s inside a nursery room. The way a camera is envisioned is loosely based on the role it plays, but the minute you realize that it’s just a pair of eyes, you begin looking at the camera slightly more humanely. You possibly end up anthropomorphized it a little.

CareVision’s entire approach has been to break that barrier of a camera being perceived purely as technology. The tiny hand-held video assistant comes with what they call EI or emotional intelligence, that allows the camera to behave less as surveillance tech and more as an actual caretaker. The CareVision is small, portable, and captures what you want it to. It bridges the communication gaps between parents at work and children at home by encouraging video conversations. It captures and records special moments, almost like a second parent who cares, and acts as a facial recognition device that can recognize you and your family as well as alert you when someone unfamiliar gets captured in its frame. The CareVision isn’t a CCTV camera or a webcam. It’s an extra pair of eyes that was designed to be a part of and take care of your family.

The CareVision comes with an on-board AI chip that runs its features without relying on the cloud. The camera uses local storage to capture media and provides free cloud storage too, allowing you to access recordings from anywhere in the globe and view them in full detail from a smartphone app. You could either be monitoring your children or elders at home, or leave the CareVision running when you’re not at home to monitor your house. The CareVision’s wireless nature lets you carry the camera to any room in the house or even outdoors, letting you keep tabs on the kids while they’re swimming or playing. All video gets recorded locally and can be viewed on the CareVision’s app. The camera performs time-lapses and facial recognition too, alerting you in case it notices anything or anyone suspicious. If it does, the camera’s speaker triggers an alarm as a deterrent. Conversely, the CareVision camera even sports a button that lets you video-call people with the app, allowing parents to have conversations with their kids remotely. All video communications are end to end encrypted too, giving your personal life a layer of security.

The two features that really set CareVision apart are its wireless nature, and the fact that there are no additional payments for cloud video storage. The CareVision camera can be carried around wherever you go, broadcasting from practically anywhere, making it great for giving to kids when they go camping, or placing in your office to enable streamlined communications. Designed to be effective, lightweight, and extremely easy to use, the CareVision can even be operated by the elderly, allowing you to periodically check up on them and have video conversations too… and yes, the camera even works at night!

Designer: Go East

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CareVision – EI (Emotionally Intelligent) Home Camera

The CareVision lets you protect, connect, and check-in with loved ones using patented “virtual presence” features that make caring simple.

CareVision is Perfect For

– Kids at Home. Review activity at home with Smart Motion Time-Lapse and Face Log.
– Kids at Play. Know your child is safe at play with Live Window updates and Livestream.
– Babycam & Elderly Care. Use Face Log and No Motion to get alerted when there’s no motion.
– Nannycam. Check-in with your babysitter with time-lapse and Livestream.
– Pets at Home. Calm your pet with voice and review activity with time-lapse.

Artificial Intelligence

CareVision has specialized hardware and accelerated Computer Vision Logic so it can do things like tell a person from a thing and even recognize individual faces.

Emotional Intelligence

Never miss a moment with patented features that maintain “virtual presence,” even while you’re away, with innovative summaries that make what matters most to you easy to find and review. Plus, always check-in and connect with your loved ones with stay connected features for a unique level of comfort and interaction.

Motion Based Time-Lapse to DVR – Review points of interest by switching from time-lapse to DVR to watch in detail.

Face Log Summary – Logged facial expressions take you to the exact moment the expression was recorded to watch in detailed DVR.

Real Time Communication – Connect in full HD with peer to peer livestream and two-way audio with no noticeable lag.

Alert Button – Press to alert parents/loved ones in case of emergency or for urgent assistance.

Panic Alarm – Triggering a panic will sound a loud siren in the camera for 10 seconds and an alert notification will be sent with event video.

Home Alert – Get alerted as soon as your child/loved one reaches home for peace of mind they arrived safe and on time.

Live Window – Monitor remotely with updated live snapshots on your smartphone instead of viewing full livestream to save on bandwidth.

Onboard Battery for Primo Portability

Have peace of mind—untethered—with CareVision’s built-in backup battery. Place it anywhere in the house (no power cable required), take it to the office or while you travel, and since it’s also dust and waterproof you can even use it outdoors.

No Cloud Fees

CareVision is architected to be cloud light. Other cameras charge monthly subscriptions for cloud storage and video services, but they deliver all the above features locally on the AI chip without charging any cloud fees—even when there is no internet connection. When the connection is back, you will get notifications about alerts and see the related videos.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $199 ($100 off). Hurry, for a limited only.