True Hospital Comfort Zone

If you’ve been unfortunate to have been in any hospital in our modern world for a long stay, you know it can be an awful experience. Not just because of quality of service, but because of environment, because a hospital is a sterile place where the only fun you should be having is on your way out the door. Designer Sara Tejareh aims to change all that with the power of the soul.

Soul power goes a long way, but this is an industrial design blog, and we want something physical! Therefor I must say that a whole large relaxation area such as the one Sara Tejareh is presenting here would end up being an absolutely invaluable addition to any hospital in the world – as Tejareh says, the power of soul can cheer up your heart even when the rest of your body is failing you – and being in a relaxing arena of pillows and bright colors will do nothing but help in making that power a reality. Mind healing to the rescue.

Designer: Sara Tejareh