A customizable racing wheel that’ll fit future hypercar consoles like a charm

Racing games have evolved from the initial pixelated versions to the surreal graphics treat with amazing physics for avid gamers. So have the other simulated inputs such as force feedback. Racing gaming cockpits such as Next Level Racing Challenger, Playseat Challenge or Trak Racer TR80 quench the thirst of the most demanding racing game lovers. But for ones who are short on space and constricted by budget, a sim racing wheel is the next best option.

The ones by Thrustmaster, Logitech Fanatec rule the market currently, and just like every other racing game fan, I’m always on the lookout for the best new options. While most of the products in their lineup come with a racing wheel and separate pedals, won’t it be great to own a wheel that has it all? And what better if it could perfectly fit inside your future racing car.

Designer:  Alessandro Pennese

Check out the TRZ-Y racing wheel concept inspired by the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio concept designed by Mitja Borkert. This sim racing wheel is ideated keeping in mind the needs of the most avid racing simulator fanatics who want everything to be perfect. TRZ-Y is for gamers who are pinned down from having a good experience due to the lack of available space for a full-fledged racing simulator setup. It is meant to be used without a dedicated pedal setup, thereby saving even more space on your desk.

The ergonomic shape of TRZ-Y replicates the interior design language of conceptual hypercars which is understandable given its Lamborghini concept inspiration. The concept racing wheel is also meant to be a plug-and-play input for concept hypercars, thanks to the future-forward design language. Force feedback on this one comes courtesy of the high-performance responsive motor located on the rear, and the customizable controls give the user a plethora of options when being used.

Since a racing wheel is going to be used for extended hours of gameplay, the designer incorporates ergonomic grip and tactile feedback from the paddles for an immersive gaming experience. This also ensures able hand and arm support for long hours of gaming fun. The customizable controls on both front sides of the racing wheel can be set up for elements like the real-time map view of the lap, the currently selected gear, or the RPMs. They can also be toggled for physical buttons just like on circuit racing cars.

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