This levitating lightbulb lamp quite literally ‘uplifts’ your room’s decor!

Some may say it adds a touch of magic to your interior space!

Meet Evaro… a light bulb lamp that’s clearly living in the year 2052. While regular home lamps need to directly be connected to a power outlet, the Evaro has no such hang-up. With its bafflingly beautiful levitating design, the Evaro Light Bulb Lamp hangs magically off its stand, floating and illuminating without any discernible wire connecting the lamp’s two halves together.

Designed by UK-based creative studio Gingko, the Evaro lamp has a perfectly understated design, which allows its floating element to absolutely shine through. The lamp comes with a base that’s connected to your power outlet and suspended off the other end is an LED Edison bulb that casts a wonderful dim warm glow upon your room. The lamp’s design is best described as overall minimalist, and there’s no lampshade involved, so your eyes immediately gravitate to that ‘anti-gravitational’ floating bulb – an aesthetic arrangement that works wonders for the Evaro, if you ask me.

Designer: Paul Sun of Gingko Design

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The idea behind designing Evaro Light Bulb Lamp, Gingko says, was to create a lighting solution that broke the dull monotony of contemporary light design. Without any fancy gimmicks like color-changing LEDs, or internet-connected voice-controlled operation, Evaro manages to captivate audiences by being simple yet magical. Evaro’s design affects you in waves – first you notice it, then you go looking for the wire, then you try playing with the levitating bulb to see how it works. It’s a masterclass in good design, by being a lamp that you just can’t ignore.

Easy to set up, just move the bulb close to the bulb holder.

The bulb will never drop in case you knock it by mistake.

Pull the bulb closer to the base to switch on the lamp.

Evaro’s design is powered by a combination of magnetic levitation and induction. The lamp hovers in the air using a complex arrangement of magnets, and power is transmitted from the base to the light bulb via magnetic induction. To switch the lamp off, all you need to do is gently detach the floating bulb, breaking the magnetic connection. To switch it on, place the lamp back in its hovering position and it automatically switches back on! Evaro’s magical design invites you to play with it, and in the event of any gentle knock, the bulb simply connects to its upper holder instead of falling down, making Evaro safe against any accident.

Available in a choice of walnut and black, the Evaro Light Bulb Lamp does a wonderful job sprucing up any interior. It’s minimalist without being boring… and that floating lightbulb is sure to capture anyone’s interest almost instantly. Clearly, the lamp takes Dua Lipa’s hit single ‘Levitating’ a bit too seriously! For a limited 5 days, YD readers can grab the Evaro Light Bulb Lamp for a 15% discounted price of $152 using the code YANKO-ELL.

Click Here to Buy Now: $159.55 $179 (10% off with exclusive coupon code “YANKO-ELL”). Hurry, sale ends July 4th.