Marc Newson’s Task chair brings a “floating” seat, perforated back design

When choosing an office chair or something that you’ll use at home for work, you probably will choose something that is comfortable rather than a chair that is easy on the eyes. You’ll be sitting in it for around 8 hours a day so comfort will win over aesthetics. The actual winner would be a chair that is snug but ergonomic, attractive but functional. There are of course designers out there that will come up with the perfect task chair for those that spend much of their time sitting in front of a screen.

Designer: Marc Newson for Knoll

This new Task Chair that the Australian industrial designer has come up with for the German brand is an ergonomic chair with a single-line silhouette. What makes it stand out, even more, is its cantilevered shape which makes it look like the seat is floating. At first glance, the seat may not seem that inviting but it does catch the eye and once the user actually tries it out, they’ll realize that the design makes it even more comfortable.

It also comes with a tilt function that is actually hidden under the seat. You will be able to flip the mechanism vertically while you adjust the tilt and height of the chair according to what’s most comfortable for you. It is designed to fit all kinds of body types and having the chair adjust to your preferences gives you a “quiet confidence” to take on the tasks that you need to finish for the day. The designer believes “a task chair is a physical expression of a matrix of ideas on subjects as varied as material production, ergonomics, beauty, and social norms.”

The chair has a soft, rounded shape at the back and instead of just a plain design, you get a circular perforation that not only lets the chair (or your back) “breathe” but also draws people’s eyes to it. The seat’s texture has also been refined so you feel like you’re sitting on something luxurious. The monochromatic colors lets it blend into the surroundings so there’s a visual continuity to your office’s or room’s design. There are four color options to choose from: light blue, black, brown, and pink.

All in all, this Task Chair seems to be both comfortable and visually pleasing so it’s something that should appeal to those looking for both. As someone who sits in a chair for more than half a day, I can attest that sometimes the comfort level of your chair can make or break your day.