Voluptuous 1970s Sofa From A French President’s Home Is Being Reissued In 2024

A good chair is immensely valuable to a home setup, and our butt. We spend the better half of our day lounging on chairs, whether we’re working in our office, enjoying a delicious meal, or simply sitting and reading our favorite book. We cannot underestimate the power of a chair in our lives, and also the power it holds in bringing together a particular room. This piece of furniture needs to tick off a lot of checkboxes – it needs to be comfortable, and ergonomic, and should also perfectly suit our living or working space. And, a seating design you could consider is the Pumpkin Chair! French designer Pierre Paulin designed his iconic Pumpkin chair in the 1970s, and it has now been re-released by the furniture company Ligne Roset!

Designer: Pierre Paulin for Ligne Roset

The Pumpkin chair was created in 1971 for French President Georges Pompido’s private apartment in the Elysée Palace. He wanted an untraditional furniture design that would refresh the country’s design industry. Paulin designed the chair to feature a rounded shape, constructed by molded strips of wood wrapped in foam.

The chair’s chonky form brings to mind the image of a pumpkin, and the chair became a focal point of the President’s home. However, the originals of the chair are rarely found now, and Ligne Roset has been reproducing a new version since 2008. The company has maintained the chair’s organic and round shape, which provides the “ultimate lounging experience”.

“Easy on the eye with its round contours and expressive personality, it beckons one to sink into it and linger,” said Ligne Roset. The Pumpkin chair has an extraordinarily cozy aura to it, and it instantly invites you in, urging you to take a seat and let the stresses of your day fade away. It is designed to provide a much-needed break from your hectic workday. The Pumpkin series also includes a loveseat, sofa, ottoman, and swiveling armchair. The furniture design can be upholstered in fabric or leather, with colored wool to accompany it, creating a playful and whimsical seating solution.