This welded steel side table blurs the line between function and art

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Side tables are usually placed beside other furniture items in the home, office, or hotel lobby; however, they are constantly ignored because of their size. This happens especially when the furniture, a sofa set, for example, is overwhelmingly large for a room. These tables should not be seen as just another furniture piece because they serve a great purpose. They can be a storage or a place for the items you want within easy reach. Without these side tables, the room can look too cluttered and messy. It’s important that what you’re buying is of the right size, fits your style, and matches the room’s aesthetics. For a side table to be distinctive, it must add a sense of playfulness to the space and offer a sense of wonder to everyone who will see it for the first time.

Designer: All We Value

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The Sticks Table is a steel side table that can be seen as an art piece. It is like a sculpture with its unique shape and form. Designed by All We Value, the side table is a product of the design studio’s imagination, creativity, and expression. It appears like sticks are randomly joined together to hold a structure. You can see a long bar holding the tabletop on one end, while two shorter legs handle the central leg, giving the side table solidity, structure, and balance.

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This side table looks like something you could get from Ikea because of the many powder-coated colors. It could be if it also boasts a flat-pack design, but it doesn’t. This sculptural steel side table is welded, so there is no way you can disassemble them. Nuts and bolts may not be enough if the designer decided to use them on the tubular shapes. The base is sculptural and presents a unique silhouette (like a typography), while the tabletop maintains a simple round shape.

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The Sticks Table can be used for just about anything, as it’s not limited to your home or the bedroom. You can use it for work or in areas that require you to plop your things on the floor for quick tasks like a photography studio. It can look great in a modern contemporary living room or bedroom, especially with the vivid colors available: Blue, Black, Orange, White, and Green. It doesn’t have any curve or hole in the tabletop so you can transport it from one room to another like the Wavelet or the Grab Side Table. With the Sticks Table though, you may not want to move it very often as it already brings a sense of contentment and wonder by standing still on its own.

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