Union brings you side table and magazine rack in one

For people who live in smaller spaces like apartments or condominiums, we always look for furniture and appliances that can perform more than one function. You need to maximize the space that you have so you look for things that are 2-in-1 or can serve as more than just one thing. We’ve featured a lot of multi-functional concept products here on the website and I personally hope that some of these can become actual products. I wouldn’t mind having some of them in my place.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

This concept is for a side table that can also serve as a magazine rack. The idea is for these two staples for a living room to be found in just one form. You have a cylindrical shape to serve as your side table where you can place your drink, keys, the book you’re currently reading, or whatever you need to put down, probably next to the sofa or your chair. But aside from that side table, you also get a connected magazine rack where you can place your, you guessed it, magazines. It can also store books, papers, or whatever will fit into the rack.

What makes Union stand out is that there is a nice interaction between two geometrical shapes: the circular and cylindrical side table and the triangular shape of the two planes. They are not just placed next to each other but they actually intersect as part of the table is inside the rack. Or depending on your perspective, part of the triangular rack is inserted into the cylindrical table. Either way, in just one piece of furniture, you already get multiple uses for it.

Aside from being functional, Union actually is pretty decorative, especially if your house’s theme is wood or timber. The cylindrical part uses a darker wooden color while the magazine rack has a lighter color. The contrast of the shades of wood actually works instead of being distracting. So you also get sculpture-like furniture that can be a conversation piece as well.