Neo-Primitive Chair proves nature and artifacts can coexist in harmony

RIMOWA Lee Sisan Neo-primitive

Through the decades, Rimowa has released very distinctive luggage and bag designs, most of which are much-coveted among social media and travel influencers. The famous luggage maker has been seen collaborating with luxury brands, artists, and designers to release interesting pieces and it’s not stopping anytime soon. We have spotted a few memorable ones and even those inspired designs that can be a perfect alternative because Rimowa isn’t exactly cheap. While the most successful collaborations are all with sports or fashion brands like Supreme, Off-White, Anti Social Social Club, and BAPE, there are also a few quieter collabs like this one with Sisan Lee, a South Korean designer and artist who is bent on exploring the relationship between humans, nature, and artifact. Lee believes objects can co-exist with nature in harmony, so he works with different materials to deliver unique items with functions that people can use and enjoy.

Designer: Sisan Lee

RIMOWA Lee Sisan Neo-primitive Aluminum Chair Exhibit

Sisan Lee has teamed up with premium-quality luggage brand Rimowa for a collaboration that was meant to be showcased at the “As Seen by” exhibit in South Korea. The designer utilized Rimowa’s very own grooved aluminum sheets, the same ones used on the brand’s prized carrier luggage pieces. He also thought of using tree branches and then transforming them into aluminum using sand casting–resulting in a luxuriously-styled chair that will probably make you remember you’re not yet traveling as you used to.

RIMOWA Lee Sisan Neo-primitive Aluminum Chair Components

These aluminum branches act as legs and support for the thin aluminum backrest, whose design is the pattern for the luggage cover. It’s actually the cutout of the main form of the luggage before assembly, while another sheet of aluminum is also used for the seat and then combined with other sheets by bolts. The aluminum chair stands tall with a silver finish, looking like another expensive furniture item to behold and cherish.

RIMOWA Lee Sisan Neo-primitive Aluminum Chair Design

Artifact (aluminum) and nature (branches) are blended to prove that harmony can create a stunning piece of functional art. The effect is a mysterious atmosphere of two different materials and components, forming an alluring object you can’t ignore. The choice of aluminum makes the chair sturdy and durable even if it looks sleek and fragile with very thin materials. It may look brittle, but like the famous Rimowa luggage series, the Neo-Primitive Chair is made with strength and solidity. This thing measures W410 x D 520 x H 1800cm and is ready to look pretty and perfect in your industrial-style home.

This Neo-Primitive Chair is considered an organic piece of furniture as it brings together nature and manufactured articles. The cast aluminum branches offer strength, support, and stability for anyone who dares to sit on the aluminum throne. The name Neo-Primitive is a perfect description for this piece that gives old materials a new lease in life.

RIMOWA Lee Sisan Neo-primitive Aluminum Chair Materials

RIMOWA Lee Sisan Neo-primitive Aluminum Chair Components

RIMOWA Lee Sisan Neo-primitive Aluminum Chair Design