Pendulum Lamp elegantly tilts and rotates around its axis

Pendulum Lamp Design

Desk lamps remain a popular fixture on any home, office, or study table whether for illumination or as a decorative element. The vital need for a proper lamp has been amplified more than ever, especially in the past couple of years of the pandemic. With people still being encouraged to stay at home and keep things virtual as much as possible, it is still best to invest in more appropriate home offices and tools for efficiency.

There are hundreds to thousands of lamp choices available in the market today so shopping can be a real challenge. The home interior world will never run out of lamps and lighting solutions as designers and manufacturers are not stopping their creative juices from flowing. We’ll always be surprised though, about what innovations, technologies, and trends are shaping today’s consumer market.

Designer: Matej Štefanac

Pendulum Lamp Designer

Matej Štefanac has shown off the Pendulum Lamp, looking like a fun and interesting toy that can keep the room alive and well-illuminated. No, it’s not a toy but an actual lamp that can be used for reading or whatever task you need to finish. It can also function as an ambient lamp with enough brightness to illuminate the whole workspace or room.

This masterpiece is called a Pendulum Lamp, obviously, for the pendulum mechanism. The lamp can be used as decoration and proper lighting for work, reading, or writing in a poorly-lit room. The reflector doesn’t swing freely, but a counterweight allows it to be in balance for any position a user desires. You can rotate it 360° around the vertical axis or tilt it 90° so the light can be directed at any angle or direction you wish to set. We find it interesting the LED light source remains hidden even if the reflector is seen scattering the light, but then the reflector reduces glare so the eyes are kept protected.

Pendulum Lamp 2

Pendulum Lamp Concept

The lampshade’s primary material is aluminum with unwoven felt made from recycled PET bottles, so you can expect it to be durable under regular use. This eco-friendly material makes the lamp easy on nature while being soft and warm to the touch. But should some parts of the Pendulum Lamp get damaged through time or for whatever careless reason, they can be replaced easily. Don’t you worry–the Pendulum reading lamp is made with high quality as such is a principle its designer lives by.

Pendulum Lamp Design

The Pendulum Lamp can be used in the home and even in public spaces and environements. That is possible thanks to the CE certificate it obtained as this guarantees the product’s readiness and conformity with standards especially in Europe. This also means the lamp is ready and can survive different environments where proper illumination is needed– like maybe a library, waiting room, lounge, or hotel lobby.

Pendulum Lamp Design

The design of the Pendulum Lamp isn’t precisely minimalist as we think it is more retro-modern and a bit industrialist. It will also probably remind you more of a mushroom at first glance because of the shape. This unique lamp costs €250, about $269 in the United States so it’s not cheap, but that’s what you should expect from well-designed lamps like this from Matej Štefanac. In case you didn’t know, he’s the same guy who gave us the PLUSminus lamp from a few years ago, looking very minimalist with the skinny silhouette.

Pendulum Lamp