Infra Light brings calming light and smells to your haven

For those who want to have a relaxing, spa-like experience at home or in their room, scent diffusers are a must-have as well as ambient lighting to suit the mood you want to create. There are of course different products and options available in the market for both these purposes but what if you could have both in one single device? This is what a Swedish scent brand has come up with in collaboration with a French light artist.

Designer: Benoit Lalloz

Byredo founder Ben Gorham contacted French artist and designer Benoit Lalloz to come up with a device that will be a candle warmer as well as a scent diffuser. The result is a pretty unique product called Infra Luna, an industrial-looking combination of light and smells. Basically how it works is it heats up the candle wax and then diffuses the scent to fill up your room.

The device looks like a miniature time machine with its aluminum, circular frame. But instead of transporting you through time, it will transform your room into a calming haven when you need to relax and meditate. It uses a heating mechanism to turn the candle wax into liquid. The color of the candle cap will throw a soft glow onto its surroundings while its scent will envelop the room.

The industrial, silver color of the Infra Luna is in contrast to the dark colors of the Byredo candles and it is intentional as it can absorb and then reflect the light to give off eye-catching but at the same time relaxing illumination for the room. The candle cap comes in blue, red, and chrome colors.

The Infra Luna, which costs $2,590, is already sold out on the Byredo website but there were only limited quantities produced. They may probably come up with different versions and iterations of this device so if this is something you’d want to get for your home, you will have to wait.