Umbrella Lantern has LED lights to help illuminate your way

If you’ve ever walked home in the rain at night, then you know it’s not as romantic or dramatic (well, if you live in London, it might be) as the movies make it out to be. In reality, it’s wet, and slippery, and if the streets aren’t well-lighted, it can be dark and dangerous. You could always use a flashlight or your phone’s flashlight function but it’s not that convenient. It would be great if your umbrella could be your source of light as well and this new product does exactly that.

Designer: Mabu

The Umbrella Lantern is a new kind of rainy day companion that has built-in LED lights that you can activate by just pushing a button. It will be useful if you’re walking down roads that don’t have good lighting and where cars rarely pass by so you don’t have any lighting source. There are those umbrellas with reflective surfaces but they still need light from your surroundings in order to light up. This one is directly illuminated so you can use it anywhere you need it, maybe even when it’s not actually raining.

During the daytime when you don’t need light, you can use it just like you would any regular umbrella. When sunlight starts disappearing, you can just press a button located in the umbrella’s handle so the LED lights are activated. The light is located just right underneath it and the light is able to transmit through the umbrella’s fabric so even your surroundings are lighted up as well. How much light is transmitted depends on the color of the umbrella that you have.

The Umbrella Lantern has four different color options: Carmine, Water, Light gray, and Midnight Blue. The lighter the color, the easier it is to see through with the light while the darker it is, the less transparent it is. The umbrella itself is 102 cm in diameter, 82cm in length, and weighs around 460 grams. You only need three AAA batteries to power up the LED lights. It is pretty lightweight so you can easily carry it around. If you live in an area where it rains often and you walk in the dark, this is a pretty handy accessory to have.