This exoskeletal framed off-roader is a potential Mad Max ride for the uncertain future

A lighter but stronger fabricated body framework is where the automotive industry is constantly drifting towards, Afterall we all need efficient EVs that push the limits of range with subtle improvement. All these little changes make a big difference to the overall perceived value of the vehicle. A very important consideration heading into the future dominated by zero-emission vehicles that’ll look radically different from what we are used to seeing.

The dystopian complexion of times we’ll live in a couple of decades from now is not going to be that rosy considering the drastic changes our environment is undergoing, and it is on course to head towards doom. That sounds like a Max Mad-like world, doesn’t it? Deserted city outskirts with priorities changing to basic survival. For such a challenging future this exoskeletal body-framed off-roader is the perfect accomplice. Most of the body weight has been shed to keep the vehicle nimble on not-so-hospitable terrain.

Designer: Maitreya Dhanak

It’s more like a buggy on a strict weight loss regime, and a lean muscular body to prove it right. The well-tuned electric motor drives the rear wheels of this two-seater machine capable of accelerating fast from a standing position to breakneck speeds. Those broad chunky tires with deep treads and the reinforced independent suspension on each wheel signal the off-roader’s ability to take on any surface with ease. The wide stance ensures stability while maneuvering swiftly at respectable speeds. To add a bit of modern touch to the design, there is the panoramic glass roof running all the way back to the rear.

Equip this baby with all those skewed monstrosities we’ve all dreaded in the Mad Max movie, and it’ll be all ready to take on The Interceptor, The Big Foot, The Plymouth Rock, or the mighty War Rig. Agility is definitely going to be the key to survival in such an unpredictable setting. Loaded with crazy weapons, this could be the perfect accomplice for a raged hero out for revenge!