This titanium stick transforms into the tool you wished you always in your pocket

Cutting through your tasks has never looked better.

There always comes a time in everyone’s life where they’re left shaking their heads, wishing they had a cutting tool right at that very moment. That usually happens when we receive mail or a package that needs to be opened right then and there, but it can also happen when we’re faced with tasks that require cutting, snipping, or even slicing. Carrying a box cutter or a pair of shears all the time is definitely out of the question, and even the most pocketable scissors or blades can still be inconvenient to stow. What if you had such a tool that’s small enough to share space with your keys? That’s exactly the proposition that the Titanium Transforming Pocket Blade is making, and it’s doing a grand job of convincing people with its dashing good looks as well.

Designers: Mahir Orak and Smart&Savior Designs

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Pocket blades are one of those tools where you need to hit a sweet spot in size, or else things go south quickly. It has to be small, naturally, so that it would even fit in your pocket. At the same time, however, it has to also be big enough to give you a proper grip to avoid unsightly mishaps. There’s no size that fits all, at least not unless you can actually change the size of the object to check both boxes.

Building upon the success of six transforming pen campaigns, the Titanium Transforming Pocket Blade puts a slight twist on the story, both literally and figuratively. This cutting tool is laser-focused on delivering the precision, quality, and safety required for something that could cut both ways while still hiding a few tricks up its sleeves for good measure. And like all other multi-functional tools from Smart & Savior Designs, it still boasts of that hardened titanium body that will stand the test of time.

Open up shipping boxes.

Easily cut paper.

Peel vegetables.

Instead of the typical strong magnets, the Transform Pocket Blade uses a threaded locking mechanism and double o-rings to transform the small blade into a longer blade that you can handle with more ease and comfort. The machined spiral pattern on the handle’s surface doesn’t just make it visually interesting but also provides grooves that the skin on our fingers can bite into, improving the grip. Despite its small size, its construction and quality materials make short work of any cutting job, even slicing cucumbers. When titanium surfaces are subjected to light, it becomes more effective in repelling bacteria, so you don’t need to shy away from getting down and dirty in cutting tasks down to size.

An optional stylus nib turns the Transforming Pocket Blade into a useful tool even when not cutting things up. The fiber mesh material of that tip is more effective than the rubbery ones that cheap stylus offer. Even without the stylus tip, the titanium rod can still perform other tasks, like pushing buttons when you’re not sure if the surface is clean enough to touch with a bare finger.

The Titanium Transforming Pocket Blade’s innocent yet handsome appearance belies the powerful tool inside that’s just a twist away. Its durable titanium body, plus the fact that the blade can be removed and replaced, means that it’s going to be at your service for years to come. Designed to easily attach to carabiners, there is almost no reason why this shouldn’t be part of your EDC kit, ready to open up those surprise packages or slice up a quick snack, whenever and wherever.

Click Here to Buy Now: $49. Hurry, only 31/50 left!