In a world of professional shooters, this camera is down-to-earth and playful

If I had something quite like the Cameradactyl in my childhood, I’d probably have been a much more able photographer. The Cameradactyl is a completely home-made, 3D printed camera that brings fun and frolic to photography. Designed to be infinitely customizable, foldable, and shoot on 4×5″ film, the Cameradactyl is inspired by vintage shooters and comes complete with an adjustable bellow and primitive yet engaging rail systems for the lens and the film/viewfinder, allowing you to manually focus and line up your shot.

Entirely built using 3D printingm with a little clothwork and manual hand-ground lens making, the Cameradactyl is completely made at one spot, by lens enthusiast Ethan Moses, in a bid to make cameras more engaging, interesting, and manual, Cameradactyl is the fun, hands-on, film-based, alternative to the AI-powered selfies we’re so used to clicking. The camera comes folded in, and can easily be opened out, with the lens being made to face either forwards, or in any other direction (like a Lensbaby lens). The camera features a wide assortment of parts, all 3D printed in custom colors (except for the viewfinder and lensplate that have to be black), and a bellow made from an incredibly colorful piece of fabric. It comes with a viewfinder that you can use to line up the shot, before inserting the 4×5″ film and lifting the shutter for a desired amount of time. The results are beautifully retro, and are quite literally polaroid-sized, if not bigger… but more importantly, they bring the tactile, manual quality to photography back again, and did I mention how absolutely yummy they look?!

Designer: Ethan Moses