The Totem of Refrigeration

Nowadays, we’re obsessed with storing everything in the fridges, but this isn’t always the best option for keeping foods fresh… especially fruits and veggies. Some are better kept in a slightly warmer, more humid environment… and for these there’s the OLTU system. Using the refrigerator’s own heat output, clay containers are kept at the ideal temperature and humidity for the needs of various foods.

The combination of containers and refrigerators creates a new, sustainable preservation system for a variety of veggies and fruits. The fridge produces heat which is distributed at the top through openings in the cap. This affects the three clay containers at the heart of the design. Over the containers are four trays where veggies that require room temperature will be placed. These veggies are then hydrated with the humidity produced by the evaporation of the lower containers.

The containers are positioned so that heat affects each differently to create various temperatures in different chambers. The two cold containers are placed at the back while a warmer one is located at the front. The cold-dry containers interior is metal so food is cooled, but unaffected by the humidity. All the containers have external openings to allow breathing and each is easily accessible for the user.

Designer: Fabio Molinas