Bond bench concept design opens to reveal two stools with storage underneath

Bond Stool 2022

James Bond.–we’re confident that’s what came to your mind immediately after learning about the name of this stool. Well, this doesn’t have anything to do with Agent 007, but this kind of furniture piece will have you and your partner bond like there’s no tomorrow.

This is just a stool, but its particular purpose is to make two persons live in unity. How? You open the stool system and separate the parts to seat two persons. Some people will probably not understand the point because the stools are too close, but the Bond can be perfect for couples always on the go.

Designer: Ricardo Sá

Bond 2022 Designer

If you and your partner love going out, you can sit together on the stools while you wear your shoes and before you head out the door. Bond is just to be closer with one another because, you know, some couples just can get enough of each other.

The Bond stool system also features some storage space inside. You can put anything inside, like maybe your shoes or your laptop. Likewise, you can probably put there your purse or just about anything you don’t want to forget.

Bond 2022 Design

Bond 2022 Form

Bond 2022 Details

The Bond is mainly made of wooden material, so you know it’s durable enough to withstand the test of time. The seat material appears to be cork so that it can be comfortable. When closed, Bond looks more like a bench or a horse saddle. Of course, you’d only be sitting on the Bond for a few seconds or minutes, but you would be guaranteed comfort.

Bond 2022 Structure

Bond is a stool that’s been designed for sharing and storage. This furniture piece can greet people coming into your home and can be an instant conversation starter. When closed, others will see it as more of a bench for the entryway, but it turns out to be stools for two persons. It’s an example of a space-saving furniture item that we like to see more in the future.

Bond Chair 2022

Bond’s aesthetics is minimalist, like anything Japanese or Scandinavian. It’s the kind of furniture piece that is now trendy these days. We highly doubt people will ever get tired of such aesthetics because simple and neutral designs are timeless.

The cork material makes any product or object unique. The choice of cork especially in home goods strikes the balance between sustainability and practicality. Such products have already been designed to prove that sustainable material is here to stay. There’s another cork that makes for a sustainable future. More cork products have been introduced like modern sneakers and cork headphones.

Bond Stool 2022

Bond 2022 Design