This unconventional seating device challenges the notion of what a chair should look like

Close your eyes and think of a chair. Chances are you thought of something with four legs and a backrest, made from wood or plastic. Or perhaps your mind thought of something less unconventional but just as common – a chair with a five-spoked base with caster wheels – the kind found in offices. THe Haragana Lounge Chair was made as an antithesis to those archetypes. Its metal outline, to any astute observer, resembles an armchair, however, the Haragana doesn’t have any cushions or upholstery. Instead, its seating area is split into 6 cork discs spread across the base and the backrest, made from bent steel tubing. Visually, the Haragana aims at challenging the stereotype of a chair by being radically different, but functionally, it still is comfortable to sit on, with the cork discs providing just the right amount of softness and support. All in all, the chair also fulfills yet another purpose – that of evoking a sense of curiosity, and always inviting you to try and sit on it!

Designer: Tobias Kappeler

The chair’s unusual design actually works in its favor because it’s hard to ignore. Unlike most seating devices with a base and a backrest, Haragana comes with 6 oddly shaped and angled panels made of cork. Look at them and the mind instantly begins struggling with two simultaneous thoughts – “this chair doesn’t look comfortable” and “I need to sit on it to find out”. That’s precisely how the chair hooks you in, invites you to interact with it, and probably question your preconceived notions of what a chair should look and feel like.

I have no doubt that the Haragana is an oddly satisfying piece of furniture to park your derriere on. It’s quirky and vibrant – two aspects that make it eye-catching and also the kind of chair you’d want to share on social media (that’s a pretty big part of design now, I hear). Moreover, it’s also low-set, and allows people to sit for longer without having their legs dangling like they would on normal chairs or high barstools.

The Haragana Lounge Chair is a Bronze Winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2022.