This mini-caravan is designed for a convenient 3 people camping trip

Where I live, the word “camping” is mostly associated with Girls Scouts and Boy Scouts in school and is not necessarily a common experience to all. But in some parts of the world, the word either brings pure joy or imminent dread, depending on how you feel about sleeping outdoors under the stars and with the insects. Over the years, there have been some improvements and innovations brought to this popular (or not popular) past time, although some may say “glamping” isn’t really camping.

Designer: Hotomobil

This Turkey-based company is introducing something more in line with real camping. The Mohican is a mini-caravan that can be towed by any vehicle to accompany you to your camping site. It’s under 400 kilograms so it should not be that heavy to attach to your car, van, or SUV and once you reach the site, it will be transformed into a fully functional camping companion. While it has a minimalist design, it is fully functional and comes with an eye-catching bright yellow color.

The Mohican Caravan can actually “house” two adults and a child inside if you don’t feel like sleeping in an actual tent. It has a box-shaped sleeping area, but you can still be one with nature as it has a small sunroof and a side-opening veranda. The windows can also be opened so that fresh air (hopefully, the air is really fresh there) can flow in and out of the caravan. It’s a good compromise to make if sleeping on the ground is something that your campmates are not too fond of.

There is also a sink that can be pulled to the outside for all your cleaning and cooking needs. The surface to which it’s attached also has a push-and-pull drawer that can serve as your kitchen or table. You can place your portable stove on it as well and install a mini-fridge beside it so you can keep drinks cool and some of the food still fresh. Camping usually involves roasting stuff over a campfire, but if you want better food for your trip, the caravan can help you with it.

Some friends and family members may be convinced to join you on a camping trip if you have the Mohican Caravan. It has received a European type approval O1 and can also be driven with a Class B driver’s license.