The Bogdan Collection makes use of one solid trunk of linden wood

Bogdan Series Studiointervallo

There is something about Italian furniture that sets it apart from others. We love that furniture design can be elegant, luxurious, and modern at the same time. That is for most of the contemporary pieces we are being introduced to, like the Bogdan Collection by Studiointervallo.

The studio’s founder, Andrea Ghisoni, designed this series of furniture that includes a bench, a console table, a coffee table, and a side table. You may want the whole collection as every piece can go well with the minimalist aesthetics of your home. Every unit is made of a single carved solid linden wood and boasts a single line of color defining the shape and the perimeter.

Designer: Andrea Ghisoni

Bogdan Furniture Collection

The collection pieces come with cone-shaped legs arranged in circles to support the tabletop. Such arrangement also offers one visual element. Described as a mono-material collection, the Bogdan also features colored milled-edge ribs for a bit of style and accent.

The bench is ready in one size only, while the tables arrive in different sizes. There is also a console table that may be ideal for placing in your foyer or the living room. The tables’ legs are actually two clusters of cones for better support.

Bogdan Bench

Bogdan Console

The Bogdan Collection has a total of five different pieces. It was released in 2021 and can be purchased from SORS. Every piece shows premium craftsmanship and bold shapes while still maintaining clean lines.

We like that the Bogdan furniture pieces were designed with the use of space in mind. The bench and tables’ use of space was taken into consideration. Everything appears clean and simple, which is something minimalists will love.

Bogdan Design Studiointervallo

Bogdan SORS Paris

Designer Andrea Ghisoni is famous for his clean and essential lines combined with bold shapes. The Bogdan bench and tables boast minimalist aesthetics that are very popular these days. There may be a lot of similar furniture collections, but only a few stand out, like the Bogdan. Every piece is handmade, so you know it’s special.

Bogdan SORS Paris

The Bogdan Console

The collection offers functional art that can also work as conversation starters. The pieces serve their utilitarian purposes while working as decors. They’re minimalist but can very well capture the eyes. In addition, they bring a sense of organized and calm feeling as any clutter-free room should offer.

There are several Italian furniture collections we’ve featured butt only a few have made a real impression, especially among the minimalists. We remember the Felipe Pantone x Poltrona Frau Archibald Armchair and the Foresta System. The Bogdan Collection enters the scene with pieces that we know can be timeless.

Bogdan Series Studiointervallo