More Minimal Than Ever – The ⅛” Wallet

UPDATE – Congratulations Anson Calder ⅛” Wallet; your overwhelming success on Kickstarter is infectious! YD’ers now get a limited period offer of owning this amazing wallet for a cool ‘pre-order’ discount of $30 (offer ends 30th April, 2016).  [ Apply: yankopreorder code at Anson Calder ]

In case if you miss the boat, you can still avail a 10% discount (valid till 31st December, 2016) by using the code: yankodesign

Good Design is about perfecting and providing better solutions to an existing design and until recent times, we hardly ever saw any of that innovation in the world of wallets. Don’t get me wrong… fashion trends saw wallets evolve to many forms and avatars, but merely from a fashion perspective and not functionality. Layered pockets and slots resulted bulky options that led to physical discomfort, especially when carried in the hip pocket. Men… I hear you… and this is why you need to look at the Anson Calder ⅛” Wallet as your next new wallet. A wallet that promises to minimize your carry and maximize access with its patent-pending cut-outs.

The son of an aeronautical engineer and a fashion merchandiser, Anson Calder founder Curtis Calder globetrotted as a banker, and never stopped looking for the perfect wallet – minimal, durable, elegant, one that provides easy access to cards and money; a wallet that delights!

Inspired to work on an independent solution, and crafting the first version from paper and tape, the ⅛” Wallet is born from a space that marries engineered functionality and aesthetic appeal – the two most important elements of a wallet design. A Good Design that Anson is super proud of, it accommodates anywhere from one to nine cards and features three slots. The patent-pending openings on either side improve access by allowing you to push upwards from the bottom edges of your cards.

Designer: Anson Calder [ Shop Now ]