World’s first MagSafe tripod lets you turn your iPhone into a powerful cinematic device

Meet MagStick – a selfie-stick that also doubles as a tripod with a feature that sets it apart from the rest. With a MagSafe mount, MagStick allows you to instantly snap your iPhone in place and get shooting. When used as a selfie stick, the MagStick extends a whopping 63.5 inches, and in its tripod mode, MagStick allows you to use your iPhone like you would a professional camera. All it takes is two snaps – firstly for the iPhone to snap into place, and secondly for you to snap the shutter button!

Designer: Andobil

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Although the idea sounds rather elementary to begin with, it’s funny how nobody’s exploited the MagSafe mounting system for tripods yet. MagStick allows you to conveniently stick your iPhone onto its fixture thanks to the magnetic ring, and further secure it with clasps so there’s absolutely no chance of your phone falling out. The clasps mean MagStick works with other phones too, securely gripping onto your device with the mere press of a button on the back.

The MagStick can be visually split into its two halves – the Mag half, and the Stick half. The upper half with the magnets holds your phone, while the lower half works as a tripod or a selfie stick. Depending on how you want to use your smartphone’s already capable camera, the MagStick shapeshifts to your demands. The telescopic tripod/selfies-stick stretches to well over 5 feet in length (63.5 inches to be precise), and the MagStick’s 3-axis adjustment system lets you rotate, tilt, and swivel your phone to orient it at just the right angle.

Each MagStick also comes with its own embedded Bluetooth shutter button that lets you remotely trigger the camera. You can even pop the Bluetooth remote out of the MagStick, using it as a wireless remote instead of relying on your phone’s camera timer feature.

The MagStick isn’t phone-specific, though. Detach the MagSafe clamping system and underneath sits a standard tripod mount which lets you mount traditional photography devices like an action camera, a 360° camera, or even a DSLR or Mirrorless camera. However, that MagSafe clamp does unlock the MagStick’s true potential – aside from just acting as a mounting system for your phone, it comes with two additional threaded inputs for accessories like lights and microphones.

While the title of being the “world’s first MagSafe tripod” sounds rather gimmicky, in the case of MagStick, it actually does more than you’d think. Tripods were designed for professional cameras, and selfie sticks were designed for tacky tourist photography. The MagStick, on the other hand, covers a much wider area, by giving your smartphone the ability to capture footage in a new, controlled way. The MagStick is perfect for travel (it weighs a mere 650g) but it’s also great for vlogging, livestreaming, and even for more professional video calls. Its MagSafe and intuitive clamping feature means the tripod prioritizes smartphones over more professional gear, letting you use the camera at hand… with the ability to snap on accessories like lights, mics, and extra battery packs.

You can grab the MagStick for a 34% discounted price of $59 by visiting their Kickstarter page. The product begins shipping in July 2022.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $89 (34% off) Hurry! Only 40 hours left!