Sortmate is a modular system to help sort out your trash

As much as I would like to segregate my trash, by the time I put them at the communal trash bin, they will all be messed up again. Recycling where I live still has a long way to go. In fact, recycling trash everywhere has been put into question lately as some reports are saying that it is something that will never work for various reasons. One reason for not segregating is the lack of containers and inconvenience. So if you’re still into recycling, this new product from the Magnuson Group may help you out at least in this aspect.

Designer: Manade

The Tribu system has modular sorting bins that are connectable and interchangeable. They come in different cover colors as well to help you out in segregating things like glass, plastic, metals, paper, biodegradable waste, etc. Each workstation lets you sort up to three different types of waste. Since it’s modular, you can mix and match the different parts and lid colors in case you need help in remembering which is which. There are different small bins that you can attach to each other. Later on, you can add more bins to it over time.

The bins are in different sizes so you can choose the bigger ones for items that you may have more of. For example, plastics take up more space compared to glass, unless you throw away glass materials more often. The bins and lids are made from various eco-friendly materials. The white and colored bins and lids are made from polypropylene or ABS while the black ones are made from recycled and recyclable polypropylene, in keeping with the recycling theme.

The Magnuson Group renamed the system into Sortmate and is now distributing and selling these. It’s simple and functional enough to incorporate into your house and your trash routine. Well, it will work only if you’re able to bring them to a recycling center directly. If you have to put them in a common trash space in your building, then it’s practically useless. But if you are able to, then these bins and lids can be useful for you and your household.