Cat nest is a flat-folding design that lets your feline pet rest, travel in style

Fur parents are always on the lookout for the next cute thing that they can get their babies. Pet toys and accessories are some of the most popular items on any e-commerce and social media platform as these pet owners love getting stuff for their dogs, cats, and maybe even fish. Accessories that can serve multiple purposes are also very much welcome for both the pets and their hoomans since they can be used to fit various lifestyle needs whether they’re at home or traveling.

Designer: Chen Liang

The PICA Cat Nest is one such product concept and this one is meant for pets of the feline persuasion. It is a “nest” where the cat will be able to stay inside if they need to rest or hide from the rest of the world. It can also serve as a travel caddy for your pet if you need to carry them around in a sort of container instead of directly picking them up, especially if they’re feeling a little prickly that day. It is basically just one huge felt paper with a few buttons so you can transform it for various purposes.

The design is inspired by origami, the art of folding paper most associated with Japanese culture. This time around, you’re not folding paper into various shapes but rather the felt material that the nest is made from. You can fold it into its different functionalities. For example, there’s the half-closed mode which can let the cat rest and relax inside the nest but it can also let him take a look around its surroundings. You can also wrap him around like a little burrito if it prefers to have a more snug enclosure.

If you need to bring your cat while you walk around, you can turn the nest into a bag with a handle for easy handling.. The bag function can still let the cat take a peek around if it’s feeling curious. You can even put it into your car although it’s not as secure as a car seat for pets. But it can still be a good enough “storage” for your cat while you’re driving or riding in a vehicle.