Steward Smart Space Series solves the problem of a cluttered table

Others quickly think about outer space when people say space, where planets and heavenly bodies abound. But there is another space that we sometimes feel is elusive, especially in highly urbanized cities.

There are plenty of solutions if the problem is space. First, of course, ample storage is a must, but such is not always easy to achieve. Getting proper organizers for other establishments like a restaurant or an office may do the trick. The Steward Smart Space Series can be a worthy investment as a set can accommodate a lot of stuff.

Designer: NextOfKin Creatives

Steward Smart Space Series

Steward Smart Space Series Collection

The Steward Smart Space Series products include add-on systems that can help with the clutter on tables in restaurants. A set keeps a table more organized, even if small. If a table is more organized and everything is set, service requests would be lessened. This state is beneficial to both the waiter and the diners.

Steward Smart Space Series smart furniture accessories offer space-saving solutions. It’s an innovative way to take advantage of the unused space on the table. The team’s design process was systematic, allowing the team to identify the common problems and then get suggestions.

Steward Smart Space Series

The problem of space and clutter will always be there. However, thanks to endless solutions and innovative ideas, it will be resolved but will surface again if people forget to keep their commitment to keeping things organized. The design team worked on several versions, from CAD to prototypes to actual testing. Numerous tests have been made, and insights have been gathered to know where there can be improvements. Once feedback is heard, the team can then work on the refinements.

Steward Smart Space Series Details

Steward Smart Space Series Set

The Steward Smart Space Series comes in different designs. There is the Table+ Collection that maximizes the vertical and horizontal space for storage of dining ware. It is inspired by architecture, so expect designers will find this smart. It also has the potential to be iconic with its contemporary design.

Steward Smart Space Series

Steward Smart Space Series Features

The Chair+ Collection features different modules, including a strap, a side clip, and a top hook. These things let you mount the system and adjust to different types of seats. Meanwhile, the slim and sleek Clamp+ Collection can be ideal for any space. It offers more storage and lets you enjoy more freedom. If you’re looking for a more modern and practical solution, then this is it. Last but not least is the Standalone+ Collection. It can be used on different platforms as the possibilities are endless with this system.

Steward Smart Space Series Smart Tray

Steward Smart Space Series Designers

Steward Smart Space Series

Steward Smart Space Series

Steward Smart Space Series Designer