This revolutionary ergonomic pen with a ‘low centre of gravity’ uses basic physics to provide the ultimate writing comfort

You’ll never take pens for granted again after you’ve used one that is designed to make writing feel so natural and free.

Pen designs are a dime a dozen, but the majority of them are simply fat sticks that let you leave ink marks on paper or other surfaces. Some pens are beautifully designed, but few are made to make the act of writing both pleasurable and painless. Some pens do come with ergonomic shapes that let you grip the barrel more comfortably, but some of these also come with heavy clips or caps that make the entire shaft more top-heavy. This pen, in contrast, uses simple physics to elevate the writing process and, in turn, help elevate your thinking process as well, making it feel as if gravity is pulling down not only the ink but also the ideas you want to put on paper.

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It’s easy enough to take for granted how well a pen is constructed. After all, what else do you need aside from having ink flow unhindered from the chamber through the nib and onto the paper? When your life starts to depend on that writing activity, figuratively and literally, and your writing hand starts showing signs of daily strain, then you start to become more conscious about how the right pen can make or break your flow, almost literally too. Many pens labeled as “ergonomic” have specific barrel shapes or grips, but this pen takes ergonomics to the next level.

Most pens are strangely designed to be top- or back-heavy, with the end opposite the nib having the most weight. In effect, this creates a sort of counterweight that causes the nib end to get lifted, forcing the writer to exert more effort in keeping it down. The end result is that writing feels a little bit more forced, putting unnecessary strain on the fingers and the hand. More than just a physiological effect, this design also has a subtle psychological effect that makes the process of writing less enjoyable.

The Gravity Pen puts the center of gravity closer to where your fingers are, making it easier to make more agile strokes. The pen pulls that off with a grip that’s larger than the barrel, expanding the area of grip for a more comfortable hold. The faceted form of that grip also makes it easier to grip the pen, allowing for a more stable grip as well. It’s the ultimate ergonomic pen design, thanks to a smart application of physics and minimalist design principles.

Of course, the Gravity Pen isn’t just ergonomic. It is also sleek and handsome, thanks to that same minimalist character. Made from aluminum alloy, the pen is durable while still maintaining a light and comfortable 20g weight. It’s also easy to use, with a simple twist mechanism to reveal or conceal the nib. No caps to lose or clickers to break, just pure, unadulterated joy of writing.

Compatible with SCHMIDT P900M refills, you won’t have to worry about having to part ways with this ingenious pen when the ink literally runs dry. Ergonomic and elegant, this Gravity Pen lets physics do the work in keeping the nib close to the surface, leaving your brain free to focus on the most important task at hand. Plus, it looks fabulous on any desk, especially when standing proud on our Wooden Pen Holder.

Click Here to Buy Now: $45