Cachalot portable lamp mimics the calm and peace of the whale

Lamps are not just something that can light up your home at night or when you sleep. It can be something to add to the ambience and decoration of your home or room. There are a lot of options out there right now for lamps, especially portable ones, that you can choose to match what theme you want to have in your space. If you’re into aquamarine life or specifically whales, this new design from Japanese lighting brand Ambientec may be for you.

Designer: Yoshiki Matsuyama

The Cachalot is the newest portable lamp for the Japanese brand, and the designer used the sperm whale as the inspiration for the design. The lamp has an abstract form that will remind you of the fluid, graceful movements of the whale, or at least that’s what it wants you to feel when you look at it. The shape is both familiar but will not immediately scream “whale” as it is a non-literal design that wants to remind you of these majestic creatures from the sea.

The designer says that he has always been intrigued by whales and other cetaceans as they represent both power and fluidity but also can be warm and gentle. When designing the lamp, he thought of the warm light spreading throughout the room and into the night, similar to how a whale quietly moves through the sea, “creating an atmosphere of peace and quiet.” It’s the thought that goes into designs like this that makes it stand out from other simple lamps.

The base of the sculpture-like portable lamp is made with die-cast zinc and a warm, copper finish. Meanwhile, the shade itself is made from durable acrylic. Inside is a tubular-shaped LED light that uses the Ambientec proprietary technology and gives off a warm glow when lighted. It comes in two basic colors: clear and dark gray. These wireless lamps can fit in your bookcase, dining table, bedside table, or wherever else you want to place them in.

The Cachalot lamp is portable, wireless, and rechargeable. Since it is inspired by marine life, Ambientec will be donating 1% of the annual sales to those organizations that are focused on marine environmental protection. They will be launching it at the Milan Design Week this coming June 7-12, 2022 and that’s when we’ll probably know how much it costs as well.