STRAMP Table and Chair Set ready for developmental play and learning

Concept STRAMP Chair and Table

Kids’ chairs and tables don’t always have to be basic. This category can actually be explored not only by designers and furniture makers but also by parents and educators. It’s a totally different business as the children have very different needs from the adults and even among themselves.

It’s not enough that we know children of different ages are different from one another. For example, some kids have special needs, so that must be considered. In addition, some children have been diagnosed with ADHD, which means there is a particular approach to dealing with them.

Designer: SUNRIU Design

Concept STRAMP Chair and Table Design

STRAMP Chair and Table Details

Parents, guardians, and teachers must know what to do. First, it pays to be correctly diagnosed and guided by professionals. Then, there are proper treatments to help the children cope in life. The goal is to help the kids reduce or prevent possible challenges like anti-social behaviors, anxieties, depression, or learning difficulties.

Children with ADHD are recommended to undergo behavioral therapies. Small group activities are essential, so it’s a must you look for the right group and have the right tools. Everything must be done to help improve a kid’s focus and social skills. The STRAMP may help as the table and chair set has been designed to allow children to have and be adventurous.

Concept STRAMP Chair and Table Details

STRAMP Chair and Table Design

STRAMP can be the perfect space for children. It’s really just a table and chair set, but it can be transformed into an activity area. Under regular mode, the STRAMP features a table and chair. Come playtime, you can flip the table, and it becomes a ramp with handles. The chair then transforms into stairs that you can combine with the other piece.

The possibilities are endless with the STRAMP, as kids will never run out of things to do with the set. The Stramp transforms into a mini playground when things get boring and dull. Of course, it’s only a concept, but we can imagine several sets being used and positioned in a big room where kids can have all the fun.

STRAMP Chair and Table Concept

STRAMP Chair and Table

ADHD is nothing to be ashamed of, but if your kid gets diagnosed, you need to do everything you can to understand and manage the symptoms. Be there for your child and decide you will help him with his progress. There are plenty of designs, products, and services that cater to ADHD. We have featured a few here, like the Squizits toy and Hoglet HedgeHog Mouse. There’s also the Forest, a set of desk partitions and slot profiles you can attach to the student’s table.

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STRAMP Chair and Table Concept Sample

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