I’m not sure what to make of this tactile, textured mouse, but I really want one!

Part computer accessory, part fidget-toy, the Hoglet is an absolute visual and tactile treat! Designed for kids with ADHD, or anyone with a quirky sense of style, this computer mouse aims at giving you a tech accessory that’s unconventionally fun to interact with! The Hoglet is a wireless mouse modeled on a hedgehog, with a silicone sleeve around its grip with multiple bristles that come in contact with your hand as you grip it. The objective of the Hoglet is to do multiple things. For starters, it makes tech feel a little less scary and a little more approachable. The mouse is incredibly tactile, and comes in heartwarming colors. Its silicone texture aims at creating a new sort of experience that almost seems pet-like, reinforcing the mouse-ness of the mouse, and helps boost focus and reduce anxiety.

The designer behind the Hoglet, Parker Lynch, struggled with ADHD growing up. As an adult, he dedicated himself to helping kids with learning differences. Working with children with ADHD helped Parker understand how beneficial a fidget toy could be with allowing a kid to stay attentive and focused… but for the most part, these fidget toys weren’t allowed into computer labs, which left the kids anxious and unable to concentrate. This led Parker down a road which got him consulting with researchers, parents, teachers, occupational therapists, and board-certified behavior analysts before he started developing the Hoglet. 5 years and multiple explorations and prototypes later, the Hoglet was born. With its anthropomorphic form, Hoglet instantly appeared as a friend, and with its sensory body, it gave kids something to fidget with and help them stay focused while using computers.

The body of the Hoglet is made of food-grade silicone: pliable, washable, non-toxic and child-safe. It’s as pleasing to the eye as it is to the touch, with a choice of brilliant colors. The mouse underneath the silicone sleeve comes with a ball-scroller, for more intuitive scrolling, and even features silent buttons, to prevent any distraction to children on the autism spectrum. All in all, the Hoglet is an inventive take on a tech peripheral that has hardly ever gotten a special-needs redesign. Most mice are built for offices, gaming, and ergonomic usage, so the Hoglet is quite literally a breath of fresh air… providing a new and enjoyable experience not just for kids but even for adults with a sense of wonder and whimsy!

Designer: HedgeHog Health