OWC Envoy Pro Mini storage drive offers desktop-class speed and performance

250GB OWC Envoy Pro Mini Design

They say cloud storage should be a standard now, but there are instances when a physical hard drive is still needed. Of course, such drives are still available in computers and laptops but to be sure, always have a USB or SSD drive ready when you need to transfer large and essential files.

OWC is offering a new storage drive that is very handy for everyone. The OWC Envoy Pro Mini is a pocket-sized USB-C and USB-A SSD that lets you enjoy speed and convenience. This little thing enables you to take your data with you and share it on any device like a tablet or computer. You can have the OWC Envoy Pro Mini in three different storage capacities: 1TB, 500GB, and 250GB.

Designer: OWC

250GB OWC Envoy Pro Mini Features

OWC has been offering innovative solutions to the market for over three decades now. It continues to deliver consumer-centric products and services to businesses, individuals, educators, and content professionals. The OWC Envoy Pro mini is only one of the brand’s many solutions to this data-driven world. The pocket-sized SSD is ideal for saving, transferring, and sharing audio files, photos, graphics, games, and other important data. It’s also best for when you need personal data storage or backup.

Sure, you can use the “cloud,” but it is still best you have another backup when things mess up. A backup of your backup is not too much—it’s just right, especially for those OC ones who get anxieties when files go missing. The OWC Envoy Pro mini is easily accessible as it works with most gadgets via USB and Thunderbolt. It works with most Android tablets, Surface models, Chromebooks, Macs, PCs, and iPads released in the past 15 years.

250GB OWC Envoy Pro Mini SSD

Access and transfer data speed can go up to 946MB/s. It’s also Plug and Play, so it’s really easy to use. With everything you can store in this little thing, you can do many things like launch an OS and apps on a remote device or machine. You can do business presentations and class projects, capture recordings, or watch movies saved on the OWC Envoy Pro mini.

The OWC Envoy Pro Mini is fast to consolidate files from several smaller devices into one place easily. You can also now easily migrate data and files from a computer to a new one. To improve the performance of your laptop, you can also choose to free up space by storing extra files on to the SSD.

250GB OWC Envoy Pro Mini Details

With the OWC Envoy Pro Mini, you can schedule Time Machine or File History backups, make a secondary or portable OS boot drive, and even expand the game storage of your favorite console gaming system. Feel free to start a portable Steam games library on this mini SSD for easy access.

The OWC Envoy Pro mini works with both Windows and Mac. It’s plug and play, thanks to software running in the background and doing the job for you. It’s universally compatible, versatile, and protective. Don’t be fooled by its slim form, as this pocket-sized storage is ready for game storage, sharing, and to bring you entertainment whenever, wherever.

250GB OWC Envoy Pro mini

The Envoy Pro mini comes with a safety breakaway neck lanyard, so you can bring it anywhere with you. It’s also detachable to share with other users and between devices. Its aluminum housing doesn’t heat up and keeps it calm and quiet. The 3-year OWC Limited Warranty that comes with it may be enough, but we believe the Envoy Pro mini won’t fail you.

250GB OWC Envoy Pro Mini SSD Demo