Huawei GT3 Pro brings classic luxury designs to smartwatches

If Google is going for a modern, futuristic motif with their recently announced Pixel Watch, Huawei is going for the complete opposite with their latest flagship smartwatch, the Huawei WATCH GT3 Pro. Huawei realized that people who are used to wearing watches on their wrists are more likely to adopt smartwatches if they look more like their beloved timepieces, so they designed the new GT 3 Pro series to please traditional watch lovers. Taking inspiration from classic watch design with a round watch face and crown, the new Huawei wearables come in two distinctive styles, one made of titanium and the other formed from ceramic, and both look gorgeous, especially on your wrist.

Designer: Huawei

The 46mm Titanium edition is the larger of the two, measuring 46.6mm x 46.6mm x 10.9mm and weighs approximately 54 grams without a strap. That size isn’t just for show, though, since it packs a large 1.43 inch AMOLED display, with a spacious 466×466 326 PPI screen housed in a titanium case with sapphire glass on tap. Despite the mostly Titanium body, it has a ceramic rear that went through 60 processes to transform zirconia ceramic powder into this elegant finished form. The Huawei GT3 Pro Titanium model also borrows a classic rotating crown from traditional watches, offering an easy-to-use control to zoom in and out or scroll through the user interface.

In comparison, the Ceramic edition comes with a smaller 43mm body at 42.9mm x 42.9mm x 10.5mm and weighs approximately 50 grams without a strap. Despite the smaller body, it still features a 1.32 AMOLED display with 466×466 pixel resolution and a higher 352 PPI. It is the first all-ceramic smartwatch, with both the body and rear using the premium material. Like the Titanium edition, however, the screen is protected by tough sapphire glass.

The luxurious design of Huawei’s latest smartwatches goes beyond just their bodies. The series offers a range of watch faces, including exclusive watch faces designed by IED students, giving the digital surfaces more familiar classic faces. There is also a new day-and-night watch face feature that dynamically changes the watch face according to the time of sunrise and sunset, something traditional watches can only dream of. The straps are also made from premium material, depending on which edition you grab. The Titanium edition has thee three different strap options available, including black fluoroelastomer, grey leather strap, and titanium bracelet. In contrast, the Ceramic edition only has two variants, one with a gold bezel ring and a ceramic strap, and the other with a silver bezel ring and a leather strap.

Of course, the Huawei GT3 Pro is more than just a nod to classic timepieces and is a smartwatch at its very core. It is equipped with an upgraded TruSeen 5.0+ with improved heart rate monitoring, which includes an ECG function on both models, though availability and activation will differ by country. Huawei also upped its water-resistance with the GT3 Pro, allowing users to free dive up to 30 meters deep while wearing it, even in saltwater. Huawei continues to build on the successes of its inaugural smartwatch, offering an impressive battery life with the new GT line of smartwatches: 14 days for the titanium edition and seven days for the ceramic edition with regular usage.

Just like with analog and digital watches, each wearer prefers a different style and design for their trusty timepiece. Leaning more towards traditional aesthetics, the Huawei GT3 Pro delivers a timeless design while offering the modern trappings of today’s technology. Elegant, powerful, and enduring, the company’s latest wearables exhibit the smartwatch world’s best style and performance, just like the GT sports cars they are named after.