This electric toothbrush also whitens your teeth by using fiber optic bristles and LED lights

Now THAT’s something you don’t see every day. Instead of using regular bristles that only remove plaque from your teeth, the Dr. Quorum toothbrush uses fiber optic bristles that also carry LED light to your teeth, removing stains and whitening them too!

Along with providing high-speed internet, add tooth-whitening to fiber optic tech’s list of capabilities. Designed to deliver the LED whitening light directly to your teeth, Dr. Quorum’s toothbrush cleans your pearly whites and helps remove stains too… because apparently everything from smoking to drinking coffee stains teeth. The way the toothbrush is designed is certainly clever.

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The bristles are made from fiber optic strands that, apart from brushing debris off your teeth, also carry light from the LEDs shining in the head of the toothbrush directly to your enamel, without the toothpaste getting in the way. This allows each tooth to individually and efficiently be exposed to the whitening LEDs that remove the day’s stains, keeping your teeth looking white.

The electric toothbrush works in tandem with Dr. Quorum’s patented whitening toothpaste that relies on photocatalysts to reduce stains. Designed for daily use, the toothpaste is an effective carrier for those LED lights, and uses light-activated whitening catalysts instead of chemicals like hydrogen peroxide. This effectively means the brush doesn’t need to be too harsh on your teeth.

Even for sensitive teeth.

Unlike most electric toothbrushes that vibrate aggressively, eroding the enamel layer of your teeth, the Dr. Quorum toothbrush delivers mild sonic vibrations that do the job gently and effectively. The toothbrush works in 3 modes – a ‘Clean’ mode for your daily brushing with toothpaste, a ‘White’ mode that works along with Dr. Quorum’s dedicated whitening gel that gives you instantly whiter teeth, and an ‘Ortho’ mode, that vibrates mildly so it can be used by people wearing braces too.

The brush comes along with its own charging dock that uses a USB-A connection to plug into an outlet. On a full charge, the brush works for 35 cycles, lasting a little over 2 weeks if you brush twice a day. The Dr. Quorum brush even sanitizes itself after use, thanks to the LED lights inside its head, and a brush-cover that creates a neat reflective chamber to bounce the UV light.

The brush-cover makes it easy to travel with your Dr. Quorum too, allowing you to easily chuck it into your bag without worrying about it. Each Dr. Quorum brush ships along with its charging dock and cable, the cover, a replacement brush head, two 120g whitening toothpaste tubes, and one 50g tube of the special whitening gel. The entire experience is designed from scratch by dentists, oral specialists, and dental researchers – from the patented formula of the whitening toothpaste and gel, to the brush itself, which rather cleverly uses fiber optic bristles to both clean and whiten your teeth. Sheer genius!

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