This minimal wooden pen holder is the perfect throne for your most important everyday tool

It’s also a beautiful addition to any desk or shelf, proudly displaying the sharpest tool in your thinking drawer.

Ideas don’t come out of thin air, though many presume that inspiration works that way. Most of the time, however, you just need to pick up the pen and let the ink flow, forcing the thoughts to come out until the ideas start to take shape. There’s something almost poetic about the act of picking up a brush or a fountain pen from an inkwell, drawing your strokes, and dipping it back in to be ready for when the next inspiration strikes, a feeling that’s almost lost even with the most elaborate and extravagant pens today. Not unless you have a pen holder that brings back that atmosphere, like a block of wood that could be the most Zen pen holder to ever adorn your desk.

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This wooden block is both unassuming and, at the same time, beautiful in its simplicity, as many minimalist products are wont to be. Made from genuine maple wood, each piece has grains and patterns that make it unique and special. Without saying explicitly, it’s an assurance that each black will be one of a kind, giving you the feeling that this pen holder was crafted just for you. Together with an equally stylish pen, this block transforms any desk into a thinker’s workbench, where the tools of the trade are just at an arm’s reach.

Instead of an ordinary hole or even an aluminum holder, the Wooden Pen Holder has a gently curving depression that can accommodate any pen with a standard size. The opening slopes around the pen, almost like the wood melted around it. When you pick the pen up, you almost believe that the ink will also follow it up from an invisible well of ideas. And when you put the pen back down, your writing tool rests so peacefully in its cradle, as calm as your mind after you have put your thoughts on paper.

Of course, the wooden pen holder is also the perfect desk ornament, whether by itself or together with a pen that you may only have for display. Although it fits perfectly with equally minimalist arrangements, you can never really go wrong with dark wood polished to a smooth sheen. Put it on top of walnut wood, white acrylic, or black metal, and it will still look handsome and eye-catching, even if it tries its best to be nondescript and inconspicuous.

Pair it with the Gravity Pen for an enhanced comfort writing experience.

In an age where we more often reach for our smartphones, the pen and the act of writing still work wonders on our brains and our creativity. And as every sword needs a proper sheath, every pen also needs a proper pen holder, preferably one that can speak volumes by just sitting still. And with a wooden block that exudes calm and stability, you get the perfect complement and contrast to the mighty pen that lets your ideas flow with its ink.

Click Here to Buy Now: $45