Carryfly Travel Pack fits everything you need and matches your wardrobe, too

Switch from casual to chic and from pro photographer to travel bug with this backpack that can fit almost all needs and color styles.

Even the most pleasurable of trips can start out full of stress because of the preparations involved, especially when it comes to packing. It is extremely difficult to find a single travel bag that will work with all kinds of travel, not to mention one that won’t clash with your style on any given day. Most bags change form or parts to accommodate the changing needs of travelers, but the decision-making only adds to the stress of travel prep. That’s the kind of stress that this traveler’s bag tries to chase away, with its plethora of compartments to accommodate everything you’ll need on your journey. Plus, it can change its face to match the color of your mood or wardrobe theme.

Designer: Carryfly Design

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It’s too easy to take for granted what a little splash of color can do. With a single look, it can express one’s mood or taste more effectively than multiple words. Most bags limit you to the style and color that you chose when you bought them, practically forcing you to buy different bags for different looks. The Carryfly Travel Backpack’s changeable leather front faces let you switch colors easily, even on the fly, letting you match your day’s color scheme. Of course, that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg because this travel bag’s real power comes from both within and on the outside.

The 50-liter Carryfly Travel Backpack has a place for almost anything you need to bring with you. A compartment for a laptop is common fare these days, but how about a dedicated front compartment for notebooks, pens, and other stationery tools? There’s also a bottle pocket that conveniently zips out of the way when not in use. The backpack has plenty of hidden pockets, especially on the back, for stuff you need to keep out of and out of the hands of sneaky thieves. And to protect the main contents of your bag, there’s a password-protected lack on top similar to the ones you’d see on suitcases.

The travel pack isn’t exactly modular, but it can change its internal configuration to meet your needs. It has a shoe compartment for when you need more than just the ones on your feet. If, however, you don’t need to bring another pair, you can use that space for clothes or for a camera. Alternatively, you can also fit the EDC pouch to keep your favorite tools safe when not in use. Whether you’re packing for a long trip or just a short photography excursion, the Carryfly will be ready to fly with you, carrying all that you need.

Of course, the backpack is made from durable materials, including anti-scratch and water-resistant 1680D Oxford material, as well as durable YKK zippers. But if you think that you’d be carrying a tank, you’d be surprised at how comfortable it will feel on your back. In addition to ergonomic cushions, the design of the backpack’s back also facilitates good airflow to help keep your own back cool. Microfiber leather, especially with on the changeable covers, also give the travel bag a more premium look compared to other rugged bags you’d find on the market.

Whatever your travel needs and style, the Carryfly Travel Pack has all the compartments and pockets you need to fit your stuff. You can get the Carryfly Backpack V1 alone for $199 on Kickstarter if you’re fast enough to grab that Super Early deal. Shutterbugs, however, might want to reach for the Super Saver deal that includes the Backpack, the Camera Bag, and an EDC Pouch, all for only $289.

Click Here to Buy Now: $199 $350 (43% off). Hurry, only 2/3 left!