Hand-Spun Chair

This twist (literally) on the chair, the brainchild of designer Markus Johansson, challenges the straight, rigid, and traditional forms of the modernist aesthetic, presenting itself as a violent and chaotic swirl of solid wood frozen in time. Combining modern and age-old technique, NEST is constructed of a free form combination of round pegs that are bent and then drilled in a CNC milling machine for a precision fit. The pegs share an identical cut, making production easy and straightforward without sacrificing style.

Designer: Markus Johansson


  • This chair really looks great, bit daunting if it comes flat packed though! also, would love to sit on it to see how comfortable it is, the model on the chair doesn’t look very relaxed as he is holding on to the sides!

  • jaroslaw ciupinski says:

    The only thing it is missing are some sorts of blades at the ends.

  • MDesigns says:

    Ouch! It looks as comfortable as jumping a fence and falling on it. But I do appreciate the sculptural artistry of it.

  • mike says:

    I tried it in milan at superstudio this year, it is very comfortable and very stable. But you do not believe it when you see it.

  • delo says:

    Very beautiful Chair, they make me think of the culture centre Jean-Marie Tjibaou, in Noumea,New Caledonia, from Renzo Piano.

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