Ooni’s Dual-Sided ‘Grizzler’ Plate works equally well for grilling hamburgers or sizzling veggies

A grill and a flat-top, built right into one design!

Meet the Grizzler. If you haven’t figured out already, this little bad-boy is a literal and verbal mashup of a griller and a sizzler. It effectively replaces a grilling rack as well as a flat-top, letting you make steaks, smash-burgers, and even a mean stir-fry. Designed by Ooni (the folks who make some of the best pizza ovens us regular folks can buy) the Dual Sided Grizzler can be used in a regular oven or even on a stovetop, but it’s best paired with Ooni’s pizza ovens. The folks at Ooni realized that a lot of people weren’t using their pizza ovens to make anything apart from pizzas… so they decided to expand their accessory arsenal to unlock their oven’s true potential. The Dual-Sided Grizzler, as its name suggests, comes with two sides – a flat side that’s ideal for bread, veggies, and even patties, and an undulating side that resembles a grill rack, perfect for steaks, chicken, kebabs, and anything else you want those beautiful sear lines on.

Designer: Ooni

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The Dual-Sided Grizzler comes made from cast iron, which aside from having great health benefits, also has the ability to turn super hot, cooking food in a jiffy. Each Grizzler comes with two detachable gripping handles that lock into the grizzler when you want to carry it or maneuver it around, along with a wooden base to rest the plate on when it’s just out of the oven.

Using the Dual-Sided Grizzler is fun even if you don’t have an Ooni pizza oven. The grill plate measures 14.5″ by 12.9″ and can fit into a large enough oven. You can even put the Grizzler directly above your stovetop if you want to make a few smashburgers and firing up a pizza oven feels like overkill. The Dual-Sided Grizzler also lets you do other stuff like make pancakes, eggs, taco and fajita fillings, and anything else you’d otherwise use a grill or a flat-top for. Plus, since it’s made from cast iron, it naturally becomes non-stick the more you use it, and can last practically forever!

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