This handy jar lets you easily measure, make, and store your very own sourdough starter

Dubbed the Kefirko Sourdough Fermenter, this purpose-built jar helps you create the ideal sourdough starter without any mistakes or hiccups. It comes with its own measuring markings, a storage cup, a valved lid, and an analog ‘fermentation clock’ that offers a neater alternative to writing dates on your mason jar with a marker to track your fermentation process.

Whether this is your first time making a starter or you’re a master of sourdough, Kefirko just makes things easier. Sure you could brew a coffee with a glass of hot water and a cloth strainer, but using a French Press is infinitely easier and better, right? Well, the Kefirko Sourdough Fermenter works pretty much the same way. The sourdough-making jar comes made from inert glass (perfect for growing cultures), with built-in markings that let you easily measure out your ingredients. A separate cup lets you pour your flour and water into the jar, and doubles up as a lid when you’re done.

Designer: Marko Borko

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The Kefirko Sourdough Fermenteralso comes with a measuring spoon, should you need one, and once you’ve mixed the ingredients inside your jar (water and flour), just pop the valved lid on your Sourdough Fermenter and leave it in a warm-ish place for the natural yeasts within the flour to get to work. The lid allows air flow so your yeast doesn’t suffocate, and any CO2 released during the fermentation process makes its way out the jar… and you can even shut the valves and make the Sourdough Fermenter airtight, so you can store your dormant yeast in the fridge for weeks or months, to be used only when you need it.

The airflow and helps boost the live cultures in your sourdough starter. You will have an active levain ready for baking in no time.

Lock down the lid with a click! You can now easily store the levain until you are ready to bake.

Fermentation clock makes it easy to keep track of fermentation progress.

You can use the Kefirko Sourdough Fermenter with any sort of flour, whether it’s all-purpose, whole-wheat, or even rye. Each Kefirko Sourdough Fermenter comes with a rubber band that you can secure around the jar to mark your levain, so you can see how much it’s growing. You can portion out your sourdough using the tiny cup that comes with it, and each Kefirko Sourdough Fermenter also comes with two lids that can be used on the jar as well as the cup – effectively allowing you to create a new batch that you can either then culture separately, or store in the freezer to use later. Your freezer ‘pauses’ the sourdough fermentation process, allowing you to hold onto a batch of starter for months without needing to constantly take care of it. Finally, a disc-shaped fermentation clock lets you mark the day and month you began the sourdough starter-making process, providing a cleaner alternative to writing a date on your mason jar with a marker. That way you’ll know how old your starter is – the older the starter, the more pronounced and nuanced its sour flavor!

Making and maintaining a starter isn’t an easy task – your starter is effectively a living creature, and it needs to be kept at the right temperature and fed daily for it to grow. Most people begin this journey rather enthusiastic, but give up midway just because of how much patience and experience it takes to do it right – the Kefirko Sourdough Fermenter just hopes to simplify and streamline the process, making it easy for anyone to culture their own batch of starter. Priced at a discounted €24 ($27), the Kefirko Sourdough Fermenter comes in 4 different colors and includes all the accessories you’ll need for culturing your starter. You can, however, grab baking equipment like a bread proofing basket, bench scraper, and bread lame (for scoring your dough) as addons for a few extra bucks.

Click Here to Buy Now: $26 $38 (31% off). Hurry, only 31/280 left!