This ultimate BBQ grill setup packs up into a suitcase to be set up conveniently in any location

Summer is in full swing and it’s that time of the year when the charred goodness would be swelling out of almost every backyard, beach or campground. If you follow, it’s barbeque time! While full-sized grills are certainly powerful, Portable BBQ grills have added to the convenience of cooking lately making it ever so easy for us to prepare smoky meals just about anywhere, anytime.

Over the years there have been considerable advancements in smaller grills compared to what you would get a decade back. A worthy addition to this set of appliances is the B2Q Kit which allows a barbeque grill to be folded up into a suitcase-style contraption so it can be carried to and setup just about anywhere you may want to use it.

Designer: Ranlin Design, Yin Man Chan and Kevin Von

Grillers have an unapologetic liking for charcoal grills for the very delicious, charred, smoky flavor it offers to the meat. The B2Q is a gas-powered option, so it may not make friends instantly with charcoal grill fans, but it will surely have them think twice considering its portable attitude. The portable grill is lightweight to carry, convenient to setup, and very supportive to cook on.

The B2Q would definitely shoulder most of your summer grilling demands, and let you carry the smoky goodness to a beach, a campsite or a park. It’s a great portable grill for all the tailgate barbeques where people often require a very appropriately sized grill. The B2Q integrates all the necessary tools you’d need in the process of heating the meat in a single suitcase that can be set up where required, to let just about everyone (irrespective of their cooking habit) use it freely.

The layered design of the B2Q comprises a top cover featuring a chopping board and extendable small table; a storage compartment to keep tools and cutlery; BBQ; retractable telescopic legs for height adjustment at setup; and a handle to carry the grill in suitcase mode. As a suitcase then, you can carry the entire BBQ setup to wherever you want; open the top shelf, install the gas and you’re good to smoke the meat or veggies!