The palm-size PrintPods can print on materials your desktop printer doesn’t even dream of

The magic in the PrintPods lies in the fact that it’s smaller than a can of spray paint but holds technology within it that makes it much more versatile. Designed to print in a variety of permanent, skin-friendly, and even invisible inks, the PrintPods is a ridiculously small handheld printer that you can wave over objects to print directly onto them.

The PrintPods is a ridiculously small printer (it’s roughly the size of two AirPods cases stacked one above another) that lets you print over a variety of materials ranging from paper to cloth, metal, ceramic, and even wood. Fitted with a swappable cartridge system, the PrintPods can print in permanent ink, allowing you to customize objects, monogram your T-Shirts, or print out messages on paper with permanent, waterproof ink. The cartridge within the PrintPods can even be swapped out for other types of inks, including hypoallergenic, skin-friendly inks that can be directly used on your hands to create non-permanent tattoos or print logos of your favorite team during a game, as well as invisible ink cartridges that allow you to print messages out on objects that are only visible under a UV light. While that’s mostly a fun feature, the true value of the PrintPods is in being able to rapidly customize objects, allowing you to personalize products with your brand logo, or quickly leave contact details or business addresses on boxes with its permanent, waterproof, blot-proof ink… stuff that a regular printer wouldn’t be able to handle so easily.

The compact PrintPods printer runs in tandem with an app (supported on both iOS as well as Android). Its unique architecture allows you to print with the height of 1-inch in a single motion, allowing you to customize tee-shirts, laptops, notebooks, smartphone cases, and a wide variety of items with a single swipe that allows the printer to print in its permanent ink. The printer works based on the motion of your hands, and a tiny wheel on the base of the PrintPods helps guide your motion in a single direction, while also helping the gadget print as you move it along a line. The hand-held device prints equally well on rough, textured, as well as curved surfaces, and its internal battery lasts as many as 1000 prints before needing to be charged. Individual ink cartridges are designed to last too, averaging out at roughly 3500 prints per cartridge. For now, it seems that the PrintPods only handle printing on a single axis (you can’t print out large images in multiple lines/passes one below another), but that’s not really what the PrintPods was designed for. The handheld printer is perfect, however, for quickly customizing/personalizing items with logos, graphics, or single-line messages. Not to mention it’s the only portable printer we’ve seen that can also work with invisible ink!

Designer: EVEBOT Team

Click Here to Buy Now: $109 $200 (45% off). Raised over $340,000.

PrintPods – Handheld Printer that Prints on all Surfaces

The PrintPods is a handheld printer with multiple ink options (non-removable, skin-friendly or invisible) that accurately prints on any material or surface.

Non-removable Ink

Create low-cost custom logos in small batches, glide easily over documents, products, or any object that requires durable, non-removable markings.

Skin-friendly Ink

Skin-friendly ink is 100% safe, non-corrosive, water-soluble, and non-irritating. Have fun with friends and print temporary tattoos or put your favorite design, team logo, or brand on your skin for events, parties, or family fun.

Invisible Ink

Create unique surprises and creative gifts. Using invisible ink, print your message or love note just for that special someone. Keep it a secret until viewed with UV light for a surprise.

Switch Ink Types in Seconds

PrintPods allows you to do it all with ultra quick-switch ink types.

Connects in Seconds

1 sec connect and print! Simple and fast.

User-friendly App

Intuitive and user-friendly app interface makes your printing much smoother and easier. Download PrintPods app, connect to Wi-Fi, upload image or DIY, click “print” and done. Compatible with IOS and Android.

Hundreds of In-app Patterns

PrintPods sparks all your desire for creative ideas with hundreds of unique in-app patterns.

Single Catridge = 3500 Continous Prints

With just one single cartridge, you can effortlessly continuously print over 3500 times.

Single Print = $0.01

Low cost performance, fewer choices… PrintPods could your best piggy bank with super powerful printing functions. Every single print just costs you $0.01.

Click Here to Buy Now: $109 $200 (45% off). Raised over $340,000.