SCRY Stela Basic and Erosion Sneakers inspired by the Black Monolith

Perhaps it is time to accept we are now living in the future. Not many may agree, but that is what we think when we hear about space explorations and see footwear like the Stela Basic and the Stela Erosion Sneakers.

No, this isn’t from Stella McCartney, but the Stela Basic is a pair of 3D-printed shoes from SCRY. Each shoe is an art piece with its square tup, bumps on the soles, and holes in some parts. In addition, the unique sole and heel arches make it appear the wearer is elevated.

Designer: Zixiong Wei

SCRY Stela Basic Shadow Sneaker Design

The pair is set in black but looks more like charcoal. There’s a bit of matte finish for a bit of elegance. However, the entire design of the pair makes the shoes more decorative. It’s more for making a statement than for comfort.

The Black Monolith in space inspired SCRY founder Zixiong Wei. You can’t miss the futuristic vibe as it’s something you can imagine floating in space. Someday, when the earthlings can visit Mars or whatever planet, the Stela Basic can be the pair you bring. You may not need comfortable shoes there because you may be floating, but at least you can be stylish for it.

SCRY Stela Basic Shadow Sneakers

SCRY Stela Basic Shadow 3D Print

Designer Zixiong Wei firmly believes in “destroying the boundaries of vision and throwing off the shackles of the concrete.” Definitely, the pair does more than just make you in awe. It will make you think of what more 3D printing can do.

Stela Basic is a pair of 3D-printed sneakers. It’s not exactly the first 3D-printed product we could wear, but it’s making an impression with its uniqueness. Wei said, “The design breakthrough of the shoe body and bottom pattern gives a whole new texture, creating the perfect integration of toughness and softness, as well as the coexistence of functionality and aesthetics.”

3D Printed SCRY Stela Basic Shadow Sneakers

SCRY Stela Basic Shadow Sneaker Design

The Stela Basic can be likened to the Cryptide Sneaker, but that one is made for comfort. The Stela Basic is purely aesthetic, and others may say it’s alien-like, but the pair is a creative expression. The series comes in two designs: Stela Erosion Shadow and Stela Basic. The difference lies in the finishes: Basic has a smooth matte finish while the Erosion shows a distorted finish.

SCRY Stela Erosion Shadow

The Stela Basic is priced at $535, while the Erosion sneakers are $655. They are made to order and may take anything from one month to 60 days to be finished. You can order from HERE.

3D Printed SCRY Stela Basic Shadow