Apple Watch Ultra case with transparent crystal design turns your smartwatch into a stunning jewel

Apple Watch Ultra? More like Ultra Luxurious…

Although designed purely for performance and ultrahuman conditions, I’d guess that there’s a very small portion of people that actually wear the Ultra watch for its ‘ultra’ features. Designed as the ultimate smartwatch from the Cupertino company, owning the Apple Watch Ultra is more of a flex than anything else… which is why you’ve got cases like these from Golden Concept. The RSTR case isn’t designed for an ultra-adventurous lifestyle. With a transparent crystalline design that’s made for showing off, the RSTR case turns the Apple Watch Ultra into a shimmering jewel on your wrist. Available in 4 gorgeous colors, the cases also sport a rather ‘ultra’ price tag of $799… and that’s without the watch itself.

Designer: Golden Concept

Boasting 50 meticulously engineered parts that come together with the same kind of precision you’d find in a mechanical watch, the RSTR case for the Apple Watch is seriously a work of art. The case itself is made from transparent nylon that’s designed to be robust enough to take on impacts without really showing any signs of damage. It doesn’t compare to the durability of the titanium Apple Watch Ultra underneath, but it does play its part in looking like a massive gemstone. The home and action buttons are made from stainless steel and are designed to be slightly larger, making them more accessible through the otherwise chonky case. In the Crystal Rose variant (shown at the bottom), the buttons come made from steel too, but are PVD plated with 18K Rose Gold.

The RSTR case gives the Apple Watch Ultra a bit of a visual overhaul, which may not sit well with Apple purists, but should appeal to a different luxury-focused demographic rather well. The entire watch sits enveloped by the transparent crystalline case, with the home and action buttons emerging from within, and a highly exaggerated crown that visually dominates the watch’s design, while also coming with grips that make it easy to grab and rotate.

The RSTR case sports its own bands too, crafted from Fluoroelastomer and coupled with a unique latching mechanism that allows the two straps to clip together. The band can be opened using a simple push-button mechanism on the outside, although it does feel like that could easily happen by accident.

The Apple Watch Ultra Case RSTR by Golden Concept is available in four colorways: Sapphire Green, Sunset Orange, Smokey Black, and Crystal Rose. The cases weigh more than the watch itself, at 96 grams (as compared to the Apple Watch Ultra’s 61.3 grams). They’re designed to be water-resistant and each colorway is limited to just 9999 units worldwide… Which goes to explain their hefty $799 price tag, although if you’re looking to buy a watch along with the case, Golden Concept sells the two together for an eye-watering $1999.