Wave bookshelf is a decorative and functional piece of furniture for books of all sizes

For someone who has a lot (and I mean a lot) of books, displaying them isn’t really a priority. What’s more important for me is actually finding a space for them. But occasionally, you’d want to show off some of them for your visitors or for a video call. So you’d want something like a display bookshelf and of course, that shelf in itself would have to be something decorative as well as functional. This design seems to fit the bill and adds a few design tweaks that would make it more appealing.

Usually, our idea of bookshelves is just square or rectangular boxes or shapes where you can just store your books. But every once in a while we get some that are designed not just to display our well-loved books but also to add a bit of style to your living room or bedroom. The Wave bookshelf is one such item as it is pretty eye-catching and can serve several purposes aside from just being a piece of furniture where you can place your books.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

The bookshelf has a traditional rectangular frame and at first glance seems like something that would be at home in your bathroom because of the grid-shaped pattern. But the geometric intershapes built within the structure and the metal wireframe construction give it a different look and allow you to place books in different positions within the entire shelf. You can place books at a 45-degree angle and you can place the thin ones or the magazines in the small spaces in between.

The top of the interspaces can also be used as a sort of “bookmark” for your books. Well, if you’re the kind that doesn’t mind breaking the spine or opening up your books like that (I’m not that kind so no thank you). There are wooden spacers for the shapes and elements to give it a more stable construction and provide a break from the metal grids. Whether it’s just for decorative purposes or if you really need a shelf for your books, the Wave bookshelf can serve both.

It is a very interesting-looking bookshelf, one that I wouldn’t mind having in my room. As I said, I need all the storage and displays that I can get for my tons of books. The renders only show green colors but it would be nice to have other color options as well when this concept becomes an actual product.