I love this thoughtful table design by Elda Bellone. Born as part of the designer’s “open object project,” tABLE consists of two overlapping tables that merge together seamlessly thanks to perfectly carved spaces in the lower table’s legs. Need an extra surface? Simply pull the upper table off to form two entirely separate and useful entities. Once apart they can be placed side by side, overlapping, or even separated into entirely different spaces as each individual table looks great with or without the other.

Designer: Elda Bellone


  • Grey says:

    Pretty neat that they line up together, love the design, not keen of the colours though.

  • Todd says:

    This table(s) looks to be made from plastic or the like. Why would I want some crap plastic table in my home?

  • Rodrigo Gonzalez says:

    Very nice! Is it currently commercially available? I want one. Thanks!

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