Just a Façade

Sometimes we look at things and they appear different than they really are. This is with all things in life- people and objects combined. These drawers designed by Na-Hee Park also depict something different than what we think we may be seeing. We look at these drawers and they appear to be those from a woman or man, containing intimate details of what they hold inside. But when we go to have a peak into their innermost secrets we realize, it is only a façade.

Designer: Na-Hee Park


  • LYN says:

    Not quite understand…

  • xonegon says:

    admit, you just added some fancy words to normal drawers that look sexy :p

  • WILL says:

    After first glance at the picture, I come out an idea that if I could use the part of things in drawers as a handle.As we know,it’s really a truoble to find things in many drawers.
    I am a little confuse of your words,if this drawers just as what I say above.that’s really a
    nice idea : )

  • ih!mlen says:

    Cool if you live alone and don’t want your parents to find out you’re living with a girlfriend or boyfriend….Hehe! Or just stash the stuff you don’t want your girlfriend to see (providing you’d bought the facade furniture before you met her)

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