Rota-Strap and Rota-Lock lets you carry your camera with comfort and confidence

If you want to level up your photography, you might want to grab this rope and lock duo that will let you bring your camera anywhere without worrying about theft.

Although there were predictions of doom and gloom in the early years of the smartphone, dedicated cameras haven’t gone extinct and will continue to play a critical role in the field of photography. Despite all the power they offer, however, there’s no argument that carrying a camera along isn’t exactly the most comfortable experience. With the Rota-Strap and its Rota-Lock companion, however, you pretty much have one strap to rule them all, leaving you free to concentrate on what matters the most: capturing moments without missing a beat.

Designer: viiu

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Typical camera straps don’t actually offer much other than allowing you to hang your camera from your neck or your wrist. They’re also trivial to cut, which is a frequent strategy used by thieves to “cut-and-grab” your precious gear. viiu’s Rota-Strap addresses all of those while also giving photographers the freedom to choose how they want to carry their camera.

You can convert the Rota-Strap into a hand strap or a wrist strap in a second.

Attach the Rota-Strap to your backpack very easily with a Rota-Lock accessory.

The Rota-Strap’s secret sauce is Dyneema fiber, a material that deceptively looks like a typical cord but is actually stronger than steel. This material makes the strap nearly impossible to cut but is also lightweight and comfortable on the skin. You’ll never have to worry about your strap accidentally breaking or tearing, potentially breaking your sensitive camera as well. And despite its strength, it’s pliant enough to roll or fold easily into your bag.

That Dyneema cord isn’t the only thing that gives the Rota-Strap its durability, though. The connectors that attach to the ball link on the camera are made from 7075 aluminum alloy, the same sturdy metal used on aircraft. While it’s tough as metal, the connector can also rotate 360 degrees, so you won’t end up with twisted straps. The connector is also covered with a rubber material, so it won’t scratch the surface of the camera. Together, these anti-cut and anti-twisting features make the Rota-Strap already one-of-a-kind, leaving the competition in its dust. It doesn’t stop there, however, and the accompanying Rota-Lock steps up the game even higher.

With these accessories, you can turn the Rota-Strap into a hand strap so that you’re ready to jump into action at a moment’s notice. You can also turn the strap into a wrist strap to let the camera dangle in style. Finally, you can attach the Rota-Lock to backpack straps to take a load off your neck and move it to the stronger muscles of your shoulders. In addition to giving you the freedom to carry your camera the way you need and want, it actually changes the way the weight of the camera is distributed, from a single point of the neck to two even points on the backpack straps.

The importance of being able to offload the weight to your shoulders can’t be stated enough. Almost all camera straps hang around your neck, which poses a real risk to your health, particularly to your spine. Professional cameras are already heavy, but the lenses you often attach double or even triple that weight. After many days of walking for long hours, that weight can do long-lasting harm to your neck and spine.

Preferring a powerful camera over a lightweight smartphone doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort and convenience. Thanks to the smart use of super-durable materials and creative product design, the Rota-Strap and Rota-Lock give you the confidence and peace of mind to carry your camera around with you wherever you go, ready to snap up photos or record videos in a blink of an eye. Best of all, a single Rota-Strap and all three Rota-Lock only cost $48 with this Kickstarter exclusive, leaving pro and amateur photographers fewer excuses to keep their cameras at home.

Click here to Buy Now: $48 $132.8 (64% off). Hurry, for a limited time only!